Instant Web Meetings


From a concept of an instant meeting to being the most popular app for Enterprises.

Day one at Drum

Day one - 2012

Like any sized business, we were required to meet with each other within the organisation and meet with partners external to the organisation (the guys who we built audio conferencing networks for, as part of NetDev).

Drum started as an in-house app for our team to meet and collaborate with clients and partners. There was something seriously wrong with the existing methods of meeting online. We went about building the first stages of what was the foundations of Drum in our spare time.

1 dog (Ted)

12 cups of coffee per day

1 packet of biscuits per week

The mechanics of Drum are built

2014 - Drum is built, mechanically

As a side project, we had finalised our own 'Drum' as a solution. We used our existing skill set with HTML5, CSS3 and WebRTC to remove any need for a download. But this was still just a solution we could use internally.

Just like when you get your pet dog, you don't leave it without a name. A few minutes of trying to be clever, we stripped it back to the basics and asked ourselves - What do we do? Audio conferencing. What do we hear more often than not - a conference roll call. Drum roll call. Drum roll. Drum.

1 dog (Ted)

16 cups of coffee per day

1 packet of biscuits per week

1 baby and future CEO (Ollie)

Drum 2016 - Web meetings for the public

2016 - Ready for the public

What had originally started as an internal tool rapidly gained fans in the shape of our meeting guests. It was time to deliver Drum to the public and allow everyone to have instant web meetings within the browser.

Avid users of Slack, and fully aware of the app directory, we wanted to create our web meetings without having to leave our Slack team. One thing led to another and the Drum app was listed as new and noteworthy and became the most popular app for enterprises in early 2017 after the launch of the Slack Grid.

2 dogs (Ted and Suki)

22 cups of coffee per day

3 packets of biscuits per week

1 baby and future CEO (Ollie)

Today at Drum


With over 4000 companies using Drum for their web meetings and web conferences, Drum is now it's own company operating with a team of 8. Our attention now focuses on developing Drum to become more efficient, easier to use and even more accessible.

In addition, we now integrate the web meeting API into a host of third party applications to provide their own branded web meeting experience. Whilst giving back to the community through a selection of charities.

2 dogs (Ted and Suki)

26 cups of coffee per day

4 packets of biscuits per week

1 baby and future CEO (Ollie)

5 FIFA tournaments with three different winners

1 bowling champion

2 volleyball teams