Instant Web Meetings

Instant Web Meetings

Secure, reliable, and instant web meetings, in the office or on the go.


Connect Anywhere

Browser Based Easily join a real-time audio meeting from your browser.

Mobile Away from your PC? Join meetings directly from your mobile or tablet!

Landline Call into the meeting from your landline or mobile using our local access numbers.



Present Drag and drop documents directly into your meeting, or upload directly from one of our many integrated cloud providers.

Annotate Meetings don't have to be one-to-many. Our powerful annotation suite allows everyone in the meeting to interact with shared documents.

Screen Share Share as much or as little of your screen as you like with everyone in the meeting.

Meeting Replays

Meeting Replays

  • Missed a meeting?
  • Sick of taking notes?
  • Need to cover a colleague, but don't know the case history?
  • Drum's Meeting Replays allow you to replay meetings at any time.

Integrated with Slack

Create and share instant web meetings in any Slack channel.

Add to Slack

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Connected with...

With over 20 connected apps, Drum is guaranteed to fit into your existing workflow.

  • HTML
  • Javascript
<button drum-shareanywhere="API_KEY"
        drum-shareanywhere-user-name="John Bonham"
        drum-shareanywhere-new-meeting-name="My Meeting"
        Start Meeting!
  .then(function() {
    return window.DRUM.createOrganiser('', 'John Bonham');
  .then(function(organiser) {
    organiserRoom =;
    return window.DRUM.createMeeting(organiser, 'My Meeting');


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