Instant Web Meetings

Drum for developers

Build your own web meeting service or integrate a web meeting into an existing service.

Drum API documentation

The JS API documentation provides you with everything you need to understand how the Drum API works and what needs to be called through.

  .then(function() {
    return window.DRUM.createOrganiser('', 'John Bonham');
  .then(function(organiser) {
    organiserRoom =;
    return window.DRUM.createMeeting(organiser, 'My Meeting');

JS sample code

The JS API allows developers to communicate with an existing or new service. Please refer to the API documentation to understand feature availability.

Specifying meeting organisers Differentiate between varying meeting hosts and accounts.

Creating new organisers Your meeting has its own unique URL using your chosen domain.

Create meeting Create a meeting with set parameters such as feature and guest restrictions.

Room URL Create unique meeting URL's hosted on your specific domain.

Guest URL Create a variance of the meeting URL specific for meeting guests.

Events Access meeting events such as entrance and exit.