How web conferencing programs bring value to your customers

7 September 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

The demand for better relationships and greater added customer value have grown extensively in the past 10 years or so. This is mainly a result of growing global competition. Something that forces suppliers to create more value to customers. Customers, whether they are other companies or end-users, are constantly becoming more demanding and they tend to invest in more valuable relationships. With all these constant changes, companies have had to change the way they interact with customers. Through developed online services companies are able to directly manage their customer relationships. Traditional communication methods are not enough to respond to the changing needs of client companies. Thus, new types of communication tools need to be adopted. One of which are web conferencing programs.

Web conferencing programs will help you create customer value and get more happy customers

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From deathly silent to the noise of wall street. A startup and its varying atmospheres throughout the day and week.

30 August 2017  |   by Laurence Chandler   |   No comments

A mixed office featuring input from every team. Each team really only consisting of a handful of people. The open office creates the chance for open conversation. We have said it before, and we will say it again: a start-up work environment needs to be fluid and accessible. Changes need to happen quickly. However, it isn’t like holding your hand up back in the school classroom, but taking a smart and logical method to resolving issues. The environment can change almost instantly. Rarely a warning of change apart from a ‘Bryan, do you have some time quickly?’ being called across the room. Bryan isn’t a codeword, Bryan is just one of the more regular names being mentioned.

A fluctuating office isn’t something you can quickly adapt to. Typically speaking, offices (like the stock market) are all ‘Go, Go, Go’ – Like Murray Walker starting any race when the lights go out.

Or you have the real quiet and reserved offices resonating The Library of Congress. Drum can flick between the two. Instantly and unexpectedly.

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What is collaboration and how can you run a collaborative meeting

24 July 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   1 comment

Collaboration. Or ‘to collaborate’. A word that we tend to hear today almost too often. With the rise of digital technologies the importance of collaboration has grown almost the same pace as the number of new solutions. You are expected to collaborate with your team members, partner organisations, managers, subordinates and customers. What exactly is collaboration and how can you hold and facilitate a collaborative meeting? We will break down the term and provide you with insights on how Drum web meetings enable effective meeting collaboration.

Drum web meetings can help you host a collaborative meeting

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Top 12 locations to hold a web meeting in 2017-2018

11 July 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

Best locations to hold a web meeting

The global environment we live in today has made it easy to access different parts of the world: whether it’s for business or for leisure, the destination choices are becoming more and more exotic and extraordinary. People don’t simply just want to travel. They want to explore.

Having all these possible locations and opportunities to travel around the world might make it difficult to schedule your time, especially in terms of work and meetings. It is unlikely that you will be at the office every time there is an important meeting scheduled. You might need to schedule an emergency meeting when you’re on the road yourself, whether you’re a freelancer or a CEO of a large company. Don’t worry, with online meetings you don’t need to reschedule the meeting for when you are back at the dark and dusty office. Only thing you need when hosting a web meeting abroad is a working Internet connection.

It can be really good for you to change the scenery once in a while for meetings: when you’re in a different environment you will most likely see things in a new light and maybe even be more productive. You can also try make the most of the meetings in the regular office environment.

We have listed the 12 best locations to hold a meeting from July 2017 to June 2018. These locations will definitely make all the other meeting attendees jealous! Try a new place each month and see the difference after a year. Did you become more productive? Did you create new innovative solutions? Or did you at least enjoy the time out of the office?

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