Software is our best friend, but also our worst enemy at times.

13 September 2017  |   by Laurence Chandler   |   No comments

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Software is our best friend, but also our worst enemy at times. There are a whole host issues we can face when meeting, all because of software.

Downloads are required from time to time for various applications. Where it is to download flash or to load an application. We have become accustomed to it and almost taken it as a part and parcel of using services online. However, trends are changing and your expectations should change as well.

Software downloads can deliver substantial issues which you may have experienced first hand or heard about from colleagues and friends. It is good to have an understanding of how meeting downloads are potentially hindering your meeting turn out. Here are our five key points on how browser-based meeting solutions can help you to overcome these issues.

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How to fix your virtual business meetings – Part 2

1 September 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

Welcome back on our list of failures on A tale of a failed meeting, a cautionary tale about how a virtual business meeting can go wrong. A story written from Marketing Manager Bill’s point of view. Our recent post covered 7 points that failed in Bill’s meeting. This post will present you the rest.

How to fix your virtual business meeting - part 2

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From deathly silent to the noise of wall street. A startup and its varying atmospheres throughout the day and week.

30 August 2017  |   by Laurence Chandler   |   No comments

A mixed office featuring input from every team. Each team really only consisting of a handful of people. The open office creates the chance for open conversation. We have said it before, and we will say it again: a start-up work environment needs to be fluid and accessible. Changes need to happen quickly. However, it isn’t like holding your hand up back in the school classroom, but taking a smart and logical method to resolving issues. The environment can change almost instantly. Rarely a warning of change apart from a ‘Bryan, do you have some time quickly?’ being called across the room. Bryan isn’t a codeword, Bryan is just one of the more regular names being mentioned.

A fluctuating office isn’t something you can quickly adapt to. Typically speaking, offices (like the stock market) are all ‘Go, Go, Go’ – Like Murray Walker starting any race when the lights go out.

Or you have the real quiet and reserved offices resonating The Library of Congress. Drum can flick between the two. Instantly and unexpectedly.

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Are you holding an important meeting?

10 August 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

Whenever talking about meetings or teleconferences, whether it is with a friend or a family member, you often hear these words: “We had a pointless meeting again today with..”. Hearing this so often got me thinking: Is there a difference between a pointless meeting and an important meeting? Or is it all subjective; someone might consider a meeting more important than others? Could be. But, there are characteristics that only describe an important meeting. If all your meetings tick at least one of the boxes below: great! If not, it might be time to look into the reasons you keep holding pointless meetings and start working towards to being every employee’s dream company to work for. With ZERO pointless meetings and purely important ones! (Like we have it here at Drum)

Important meeting defined by Drum

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