Software is our best friend, but also our worst enemy at times.

13 September 2017  |   by Laurence Chandler   |   No comments

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Software is our best friend, but also our worst enemy at times. There are a whole host issues we can face when meeting, all because of software.

Downloads are required from time to time for various applications. Where it is to download flash or to load an application. We have become accustomed to it and almost taken it as a part and parcel of using services online. However, trends are changing and your expectations should change as well.

Software downloads can deliver substantial issues which you may have experienced first hand or heard about from colleagues and friends. It is good to have an understanding of how meeting downloads are potentially hindering your meeting turn out. Here are our five key points on how browser-based meeting solutions can help you to overcome these issues.

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5 reasons why a virtual meeting room is the best thing in the world (of meetings)

8 August 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is not like your traditional conference room: it’s much better! Not only does it facilitate collaboration due to variety of tools. It also enables collaboration anywhere, anytime, with any device. Below we have presented 5 issues that you will never experience in a virtual meeting room that might happen to you in a conference room.

Why is virtual meeting room better than traditional conference room? Drum will tell you

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Everyone in a startup is naturally an entrepreneur and not just a worker

27 July 2017  |   by Laurence Chandler   |   1 comment

You stroll into the office full of Startpreneurs (we will explain later). A small team. Everyone buzzing around their desk. Your headphones on, heads down and tapping on the keyboard. Moments where open discussions fill the room. Problem solving and problem creating. A start up is a fast moving and economical vehicle. Think of Tesla as an analogy. Elon Musk has delivered a vehicle which is capable of moving at significant speeds using the ‘LUDICROUS MODE’ but is super efficient with electricity.

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What is collaboration and how can you run a collaborative meeting

24 July 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   1 comment

Collaboration. Or ‘to collaborate’. A word that we tend to hear today almost too often. With the rise of digital technologies the importance of collaboration has grown almost the same pace as the number of new solutions. You are expected to collaborate with your team members, partner organisations, managers, subordinates and customers. What exactly is collaboration and how can you hold and facilitate a collaborative meeting? We will break down the term and provide you with insights on how Drum web meetings enable effective meeting collaboration.

Drum web meetings can help you host a collaborative meeting

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