How web conferencing programs bring value to your customers

7 September 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

The demand for better relationships and greater added customer value have grown extensively in the past 10 years or so. This is mainly a result of growing global competition. Something that forces suppliers to create more value to customers. Customers, whether they are other companies or end-users, are constantly becoming more demanding and they tend to invest in more valuable relationships. With all these constant changes, companies have had to change the way they interact with customers. Through developed online services companies are able to directly manage their customer relationships. Traditional communication methods are not enough to respond to the changing needs of client companies. Thus, new types of communication tools need to be adopted. One of which are web conferencing programs.

Web conferencing programs will help you create customer value and get more happy customers

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A tale of a failed project meeting

23 August 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   1 comment

A man is frustrated after a failed project meeting

Once upon a time on a dull and tired Monday morning, Bill arrived at work at his desk when his phone buzzed. “Google Calendar notification: Project meeting within Drum at 9:15”. Damn, Bill thought. He hadn’t prepared anything for the project meeting. He had been taking care of his sick grandma the whole weekend. Or so everyone in his office thought. When really he had been conducting a real-life experiment on how many drinks a 15 stone marketing manager can down before the dance floor unexpectedly turns upside down.

As there was only 15 minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start, Bill decided to make himself a cup of strong coffee and scroll his Facebook feed until the meeting host (his boss who was in Manchester on a business trip) emailed him the meeting URL. There was no point trying to prepare anything at this stage, so he decided to conjure a little speech if he’s asked to present something. He wasn’t even sure what the meeting was about. Preparing at this point would have been pointless. He joined the meeting by clicking the link. And so the meeting began.

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What is collaboration and how can you run a collaborative meeting

24 July 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   1 comment

Collaboration. Or ‘to collaborate’. A word that we tend to hear today almost too often. With the rise of digital technologies the importance of collaboration has grown almost the same pace as the number of new solutions. You are expected to collaborate with your team members, partner organisations, managers, subordinates and customers. What exactly is collaboration and how can you hold and facilitate a collaborative meeting? We will break down the term and provide you with insights on how Drum web meetings enable effective meeting collaboration.

Drum web meetings can help you host a collaborative meeting

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28 top tips for online collaboration

29 June 2017  |   by Laurence Chandler   |   No comments

We often find ourselves sticking to what we know in most things we do. Whether that be within our business or personal life. Sticking to our own ways is easy: we are comfortable with the features and know what to expect. However, there are always more options and alternatives outside our comfort zone and outside our own way of thinking. Whether it be using a different tool or a different feature, it can be extremely effective to be expanding and altering the way in which we work. Here we have listed various different features you could be using for online collaboration, and we hope the following thought will occur to you after implementing them: “Why haven’t we done it like this before?”.

More Efficient Online Collaboration Checklist

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