How web conferencing programs bring value to your customers

7 September 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

The demand for better relationships and greater added customer value have grown extensively in the past 10 years or so. This is mainly a result of growing global competition. Something that forces suppliers to create more value to customers. Customers, whether they are other companies or end-users, are constantly becoming more demanding and they tend to invest in more valuable relationships. With all these constant changes, companies have had to change the way they interact with customers. Through developed online services companies are able to directly manage their customer relationships. Traditional communication methods are not enough to respond to the changing needs of client companies. Thus, new types of communication tools need to be adopted. One of which are web conferencing programs.

Web conferencing programs will help you create customer value and get more happy customers

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Are you holding an important meeting?

10 August 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

Whenever talking about meetings or teleconferences, whether it is with a friend or a family member, you often hear these words: “We had a pointless meeting again today with..”. Hearing this so often got me thinking: Is there a difference between a pointless meeting and an important meeting? Or is it all subjective; someone might consider a meeting more important than others? Could be. But, there are characteristics that only describe an important meeting. If all your meetings tick at least one of the boxes below: great! If not, it might be time to look into the reasons you keep holding pointless meetings and start working towards to being every employee’s dream company to work for. With ZERO pointless meetings and purely important ones! (Like we have it here at Drum)

Important meeting defined by Drum

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What is collaboration and how can you run a collaborative meeting

24 July 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   1 comment

Collaboration. Or ‘to collaborate’. A word that we tend to hear today almost too often. With the rise of digital technologies the importance of collaboration has grown almost the same pace as the number of new solutions. You are expected to collaborate with your team members, partner organisations, managers, subordinates and customers. What exactly is collaboration and how can you hold and facilitate a collaborative meeting? We will break down the term and provide you with insights on how Drum web meetings enable effective meeting collaboration.

Drum web meetings can help you host a collaborative meeting

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Online meeting etiquette – How to attend an online meeting from home

20 July 2017  |   by Annika Haataja   |   No comments

Today, online meetings are an extremely common way to collaborate. Even so, even the most skilled meeting guru should not forget to consider the online meeting etiquette. We all must have seen the viral video of the live BBC World News interview which was interrupted when the interviewee’s toddler ran into the room. Only wanting to get daddy’s attention, followed by a baby wobbling into the room in a walker. They were followed by a shocked woman who somehow managed to encourage the kids to leave the room. Even though all of us viewers found this extremely hilarious and entertaining, surely it’s hard to laugh when it happens to you. So, as a recap a few months later, what did we actually learn after all the hype?

Drum online meeting etiquette tips will reduce confusion

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