The undeniable importance of collaborating in real-time

27 April 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

We recently read an article stating that real-time is the new-time. We agree here at Drum that in this digital age if something isn’t real-time then it is ignored or deemed unimportant. The instant communication of real-time web meetings provides an immediate answer and gratification. In fact using email, a communication tool we have been using globally for many years, has become laboured. It has become the new snail mail. Today, if you want your email read it is now more efficient to send it via post (people are no longer receiving mail and see it as a novelty when they do!).

It is easy to overlook the extent to which collaboration is changing the way we work. Yet, we are creating working relationships with people who are located in a completely different parts of the world. People we might never physically meet. We only need to look at the open source technology Google released in 2011, WebRTC, and the demand we receive internally within our business lives to see where communication is heading. A real-time web meeting solution is no different. Here are what we believe to be the most important aspects of real-time communication:

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Make your next web meeting presentation more engaging with 3 simple rules

26 April 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

We have all attended effective presentations which kept us engaged for 30,60 or even the entire 120 minutes. On the other hand, we have also undoubtedly witnessed presentations which have not been quite as gripping. As presenters, we want to always keep our audience engaged in what we do. We only need to look towards Apple’s keynotes to understand the power of a strong presentation and realise it is indeed possible to achieve. You can learn how to successfully attract an audience.

Whilst different topics require different approaches, there are some core guidelines which could be followed to make your presentations remain engaging. Because at the end of the day, an engaged audience will always help you calm your nerves as well as deliver a more rewarding presentation. Just like a sculptor implements core methods and processes in creating a sculpture, our methods will allow you to become skilful at sculpting a successful presentation. A presentation which will undoubtedly attract and engage your target audience.

Engaging Presentation

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What’s on the horizon for web meeting and web conferencing solutions in 2017

20 April 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

The industry is moving at a very fast pace. A pace at which user demands are increasing more quickly than companies are capable of meeting. This has resulted in a raft of solutions that focuses on certain standard requirements, meaning it’s no longer possible to differentiate solutions by their features. Instead, the vast majority of service providers now offer many of the same elements. This works because the user has come of age – they now understand how a web meeting or online conferencing tool can help them.

However, that is not to say that these users don’t want, or indeed expect, more from the industry. They are now used to working with an online conferencing tool on a regular basis. And, like most things, once you become accustomed to something, your expectations increase. This is where we are within the industry. Users are now fully aware of, and familiar with, web meeting solutions. Their demands for increased efficiency and ease of use will drive us through 2017. Let’s take a look at what we believe will be 2017’s biggest trends:

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3 tips you need to know for handling the finger tingling nerves of your next presentation

19 April 2017  |   by Kamila Zaripova   |   No comments

Without any doubt, presentations are daunting. Who doesn’t suffer from sweating palms, itching arms and hundreds of different scenarios going through your head on what could go wrong?

Anyone who tells you otherwise is undoubtedly a seasonal expert who present on a daily basis, whether that be face to face or in a webinar environment. Nerves, without making you more nervous, can make or break a presentation. A presenter who comes across as nervous is unlikely to project confidence and grab the desired attention from the audience.

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