Pier to Pier in 360 miles in aid of Starr Trust

It may be heartbreak for England with an exit from the World Cup (Indeed, it has been over a week but it lives long in the memory). However, it is joy, and in part relief, for John (Drum CEO), to have completed the pier to pier ride from Bangor to Brighton. A staggering 360 miles was complete over four days, countless hills and several counties.

The riders, 22 of them, set off in the early hours of 11th July and were almost instantly faced with the mammoth task of a 350m climb. The route didn’t get much easier, with climb after climb throughout the four days.

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It may be the world cup, but the Bangor to Brighton ride takes priority for Drum CEO.

There is no getting away from England’s current success and how it is taking the country by storm. Even Wimbledon has been struggling to keep the crowds attention during matches with reports of spectators watching the game on their mobile phones:

The Guardian tells your a little more about the activities over at Wimbledon.

Whilst fans have also been seen leaving Wimbledon to view the England games in local pubs:

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Software is our best friend, but also our worst enemy at times.

This article was originally published by Annika on Lets Do Video

Software is our best friend, but also our worst enemy at times. There are a whole host issues we can face when meeting, all because of software.

Downloads are required from time to time for various applications. Where it is to download flash or to load an application. We have become accustomed to it and almost taken it as a part and parcel of using services online. However, trends are changing and your expectations should change as well.

Software downloads can deliver substantial issues which you may have experienced first hand or heard about from colleagues and friends. It is good to have an understanding of how meeting downloads are potentially hindering your meeting turn out. Here are our five key points on how browser-based meeting solutions can help you to overcome these issues.

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How web conferencing programs bring value to your customers

The demand for better relationships and greater added customer value have grown extensively in the past 10 years or so. This is mainly a result of growing global competition. Something that forces suppliers to create more value to customers. Customers, whether they are other companies or end-users, are constantly becoming more demanding and they tend to invest in more valuable relationships. With all these constant changes, companies have had to change the way they interact with customers. Through developed online services companies are able to directly manage their customer relationships. Traditional communication methods are not enough to respond to the changing needs of client companies. Thus, new types of communication tools need to be adopted. One of which are web conferencing programs.

Web conferencing programs will help you create customer value and get more happy customers
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Understanding what to work towards with the product roadmap

Sticking the finger up in the air and just going with the wind is not what we do for product development. In fact, we work towards the complete opposite. All product developments and enhancements take more than just throwing ideas around. We have limited resources. We have to make sure each product development phase has been meticulously analysed. Any development we make must be risk free and deliver a true benefit to our users.

Sure, there have been a handful of developments which didn’t work out as expected. This is part and parcel of building an ever evolving solution. Not quite Darwinism, but the same principles.

We conduct extensive research to draw up a shortlist of developments. Using emerging technologies/improvements is our first starting point. Similar to when we started development in 2011. We noticed the emerging technology that is WebRTC. We spent substantial amounts of time understanding the technology and ready about it before we went ahead and began incorporating it into our solution.

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6 steps to getting employee buy-in on a web conferencing solution

You have done your research and figured out how a web conferencing solution can be beneficial for your company. Maybe you want to create a more collaborative environment. Or you face challenges that you want to overcome with web conferencing. Or maybe you simply want to save some money. Whichever your reason, you have decided to deploy a new web conferencing strategy. Great! Now you face one issue: how to make a change so big that if affects your organisation’s way of working? Big changes don’t come easily in organisations. And employees don’t always welcome change with open arms. So here it is, some insider tricks on overcoming change management with your team.

How to make your employees buy in a web conferencing solution
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How to fix your virtual business meetings – Part 2

Welcome back on our list of failures on A tale of a failed meeting, a cautionary tale about how a virtual business meeting can go wrong. A story written from Marketing Manager Bill’s point of view. Our recent postcovered 7 points that failed in Bill’s meeting. This post will present you the rest.

How to fix your virtual business meeting - part 2
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From deathly silent to the noise of wall street. A startup and its varying atmospheres throughout the day and week.

A mixed office featuring input from every team. Each team really only consisting of a handful of people. The open office creates the chance for open conversation. We have said it before, and we will say it again: a start-up work environment needs to be fluid and accessible. Changes need to happen quickly. However, it isn’t like holding your hand up back in the school classroom, but taking a smart and logical method to resolving issues. The environment can change almost instantly. Rarely a warning of change apart from a ‘Bryan, do you have some time quickly?’ being called across the room. Bryan isn’t a codeword, Bryan is just one of the more regular names being mentioned.

A fluctuating office isn’t something you can quickly adapt to. Typically speaking, offices (like the stock market) are all ‘Go, Go, Go’ – Like Murray Walker starting any race when the lights go out.

Or you have the real quiet and reserved offices resonating The Library of Congress. Drum can flick between the two. Instantly and unexpectedly.

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How to fix your virtual business meetings – Part 1

If you had a chance to read our last week’s article A tale of a failed project meeting, you are probably excited to hear the right answer to the number of failures presented in the story. Especially if you recently took part in a similar online conference call as our story’s hero Bill was. Bill’s project meetings must have been one of the worst in history. However, by learning from the worst, you can be the best. There are several mistakes a meeting host and the attendees can make during virtual business meetings which result in an unproductive, inefficient meeting. We will present some of them below.

How to fix your virtual business meetings - part 1
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A tale of a failed project meeting

A man is frustrated after a failed project meeting

Once upon a time on a dull and tired Monday morning, Bill arrived at work at his desk when his phone buzzed. “Google Calendar notification: Project meeting within Drum at 9:15”. Damn, Bill thought. He hadn’t prepared anything for the project meeting. He had been taking care of his sick grandma the whole weekend. Or so everyone in his office thought. When really he had been conducting a real-life experiment on how many drinks a 15 stone marketing manager can down before the dance floor unexpectedly turns upside down.

As there was only 15 minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start, Bill decided to make himself a cup of strong coffee and scroll his Facebook feed until the meeting host (his boss who was in Manchester on a business trip) emailed him the meeting URL. There was no point trying to prepare anything at this stage, so he decided to conjure a little speech if he’s asked to present something. He wasn’t even sure what the meeting was about. Preparing at this point would have been pointless. He joined the meeting by clicking the link. And so the meeting began.

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