Why should conferencing service providers embrace WebRTC?

Conferencing is a mature billion dollar industry with a user base that continues to grow.  The business benefits of remote meetings are well proven and despite poor user experiences,   conferencing is seen as a necessity in most corporations. Despite over 20 years of conference calls, users still have to endure lengthy and complicated conference set-ups and audio calls that are often poor quality.
I have over 10 years experience in the conferencing domain and believe that WebRTC has the potential to transform how conferencing service providers (CSPs) deliver and monetise their services.  Here’s why:-
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Audio conferencing press release

NetDev launches first zero CAPEX audio conferencing solution for fixed, mobile and next generation VoIP service providers
Brighton, UK -NetDev Limited, a global telecoms software company based in the UK, today announced the launch of Drum audio conferencing, a wholesale conferencing solution for communication service providers.  Drum is a 100% software solution, with an integrated media server, running entirely on commodity hardware.    Delivered as a software package, Drum conferencing can be downloaded in minutes and simply integrated with existing OSS/BSS via web services APIs.   Drum is unique because it is a zero CAPEX solution hosted by service providers on their own servers. Continue reading “Audio conferencing press release”