Drum Web Meetings App for iOS devices.

Following on from the Drum Instant Web Meeting integrations with industry leading audio conferencing providers, Drum is now announcing the capability of building native apps for all iOS devices and the Apple Macs.

Drum Collaboration are industry leaders in the collaboration and telecoms industry providing the infrastructure for some of Europe’s largest audio conferencing companies.

63% of video users miss seeing colleagues faces when they cant join calls

Drum provides a web meeting solution using Drum’s off the shelf API’s combined to create a meeting experience for the wider community to benefit from.

With this, and extending the capabilities of the Drum API’s, comes further development and access for all users.

The Drum Web Meeting App allows you to host or join a meeting from your iOS device. Simply share the meeting URL through your preferred channels.

56% of global CFOs would invest in video conferencing to reduce travel

All users can benefit from audio and video conferencing on the go and be a viewer for all screen sharing activity.

Whilst there are no login or sign up requirements with Drum, we determine your dedicated meeting URL with your email address.

Businesses using video conferencing see a 30% reduction in travel costs.

The app currently provides the same level of capabilities as the Drum Web Meetings homepage. Your meeting room is determined by your email. The app will remember this every time you go to host a meeting.

For recurring meetings, you can include this meeting URL in calendar invites in the confidence this is your dedicated meeting.

55% of non-teleworking respondents wished they had the ability to work remotely.

How does the web meeting app work?

The app can be used to create web meetings and join web meetings regardless of the web meeting hosts device.

87% of desktop video conferencing users report feeling more connected to their teams and colleagues.

This means guests can join meetings regardless of their choice of device and or location. Treat the web meeting app as your instant access to your meetings.

How to create a meeting

– Download the Drum Web Meeting App

– Enter your name and email

– Select if you want to use web meeting video and/or web meeting audio

– Select your choice of camera (front or back)

– Share your web meeting URL through the in app options

– Join your web meeting room

– Patiently wait for everyone to join your web meeting 🙂

How to join a Drum meeting:

– Click on your web meeting invite URL

– Select if you want to use web meeting video and/or web meeting audio

– Select if you want to use the front or rear camera

– Click ‘join’

– Begin your web meeting

App for iOS

The iOS app allows used to join the web meeting from their mobile device. The Free Web Meeting app can be downloaded on all smartphones through the apple app store. The Web Meeting app stores your details for each meeting your join.

App for Desktop

The Web Meeting Desktop App replaces the need to visit Drum direct. You can join and host an instant web meeting directly from your desktop. The Web Meeting Desktop app will store your meeting information for each meeting you join or host.

Why web meetings?

Web Meetings should be effortless and instant. Just like your face to face meetings. You wouldn’t stand outside a meeting room waiting with a locked door but no key.

So why should your web meetings require significant effort to join and participate.

The inclusions of apps is our next step towards making web meetings instantly accessible and effortless.

Your meetings can be integral to your business. These meetings certainly were.

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