Drum – Some Things Are Changing

Drum as you know it, will be changing.

If you have been following us on our journey from 2011, the early days of WebRTC and using webapps to meet with another, you will be aware of our passion to help people meet better.

In those years we have completed various iterations of what is now the Drum Dashboard. Through various cycles, and maintaining pace with technology, we have produced :

  • The most popular app for Slack,
  • New and Noteworthy for four months running
  • 4,000+ companies on the platform within 3 months
  • Processed in excess of 1 million minutes per month
  • Work with some of the world’s largest Telco’s to provide their web meeting infrastructure.
  • A leader in the innovation of web meetings.

What’s more, we love what we do. We love building applications people enjoy using.

However, we have chosen to take a slightly different journey.

We want to be focusing on the technology and construction of these applications.

Its bold, but we are now changing the way Drum works. Using your feedback combined with the industry movements, we have decided to make some changes.

We are no longer going to be providing an account functionality. Originally, all new users would be required to create an account with Drum. This would serve as a hub for your meeting management and scheduling.

Now, all meetings are created on the Drum homepage.

What this means for you:

You will no longer be required to create an account to use Drum. Nor will you be required to login to Drum and schedule meetings from there.

In addition, all the great features will be free of charge!

A stripped down version of Drum focusing on the most popular features. Making Drum a much simpler and cleaner experience for everyone.

How to use the new Drum:

Similar to how you would use the instant meeting solution on the existing website.

You will need the following to begin using Drum:

  • Your Email
  • Your Name

From there, your meeting will be created with a unique URL. The URL, just like before, can be shared with your meeting guests.

As always, there are no downloads or system requirements.

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