How web conferencing programs bring value to your customers

The demand for better relationships and greater added customer value have grown extensively in the past 10 years or so. This is mainly a result of growing global competition. Something that forces suppliers to create more value to customers. Customers, whether they are other companies or end-users, are constantly becoming more demanding and they tend to invest in more valuable relationships. With all these constant changes, companies have had to change the way they interact with customers. Through developed online services companies are able to directly manage their customer relationships. Traditional communication methods are not enough to respond to the changing needs of client companies. Thus, new types of communication tools need to be adopted. One of which are web conferencing programs.

Web conferencing programs will help you create customer value and get more happy customers
  • Time

What better way can you reward your customers but by giving them time? Time is no doubt the number 1 resource besides money, and we are sure your customers appreciate any time they can save. Web conferencing programs like Drum allow you to communicate instantly, whenever, wherever. No booking of flights, no catching of trains, no traffic jams. Just your device, internet connection and a browser.

  • Reduced costs

As said before, customers want to save both time and money. Cutting rental and transportation costs is an effective way of doing so. Your clients don’t need to commute to another country of another city to attend your meeting thanks to web conferencing programs. Drum even offers a free version you can use. Which means more saved cash!

  • Co-creation through increased collaboration

As you are meeting your client, you are often either talking about an offering, presenting ideas or planning the future. With web conferencing programs the ‘collaboration’ doesn’t have to mean that you are talking and your client is listening. You can show mock ups, stats and anything you want by sharing your screen to your client. Or share your finished documents directly during the meeting. Everything in one platform. Definitely more collaborative than a phone call, don’t you think? Dynamic and systematic value creation is possible only through efficient communication.

  • Personalised offer

You want your customers to choose your offering. And you most likely want to differentiate it from the one from your competitors. While you are presenting your offering to your client using web conferencing programs like Drum, you can embed your brand inside the meeting. Thus, you can reinforce your brand experience within the meeting! You client can join the meeting inside your website with a unique code snippet. Therefore, they will automatically be influenced by your brand.

  • Multiple teams

When you are holding a meeting with your client, you want all relevant people to be part of the meeting. Even the team members who are working from home or who live abroad. Web conferencing programs allow all teams, both yours and your customer’s, to get together. This is vital, as value is always created through interaction of relevant actors.

  • Instant communication

Missed phone calls and unread emails can hinder work and deadlines more than you think. Something that your clients most probably don’t appreciate. If all your customer communication happens through these ancient channels, you should take a step forward and consider web conferencing programs. When you can conduct any communication method instantly (discuss, present, plan, explain, decide, chat) while sharing documents, PC screen and your amazing ideas, you will create more value to the customer.

The main idea of value co-creation with the customer is that it happens through extensive communication. The biggest benefit that web conferencing programs can bring to a company is increased communication and various methods for collaboration. Even though web conferencing programs themselves might not create value, they are a tool that can be used to create value to your customers through more efficient communication.

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