Firefox screen sharing plugin for your Drum web conferences and Drum web meetings

Today we provide the news every Firefox user has been waiting for. We have replicated the Chrome experience for all meeting hosts and presenters when sharing their screen. The new plugin means users no longer require a native app for screen sharing. User experience is at the front of Drum. We want you, the web meeting user, to have the best possible experience. The Firefox plug-in will allow hosts and presenters to share their screen. What’s more, similar to the Chrome plug-in, the app will automatically update. You only ever need to install the plug-in once and then never worry again.

We would recommend all Firefox users to uninstall the original Drum screen sharing app. Refresh your page and install the new Firefox plugin. Please contact us at if you experience any technical issues. Alternatively, we have a help article in our help centre which covers the more common issues with screen sharing

Please note, the native screen sharing app will still work with EDGE, IE and SAFARI. 

We are not stopping at Firefox. We will also be working towards plugin support for EDGE and Safari to ensure you receive an identical experience regardless of your browser. 

Firefox users wanting to share their screen will now experience the following:

  • You are prompted to install the plugin.
  • Once installed, you will notice a pop up asking you which screen you want to choose. ‘No screen’ is set to default by Firefox. You will receive an error message if you choose ‘No screen’. 
  • You will receive a preview of the screen you have chosen as seen below. 
  • The screen you are sharing is now being presented in the meeting and can be seen by all meeting attendees.

We are always looking for feedback from your users. If there is something we can do better or add to Drum, then we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us direct.

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