How every company can benefit from video conferencing

Even though video conferencing has become a norm for a great amount of companies, there are still many out there who don’t believe their company can benefit from such a collaboration tool. Either they think they have a better software in use already of they simply don’t see any reason to use web meeting tools in their every-day business. If you fall into the second group of people, you should also check out the common web conferencing misconception that we have disproved.

Whether you own a small local jewellery shop or you work for a multinational company, we guarantee you can benefit from video conferencing. Not buying it? Hear us out.

Let’s imagine two completely different companies: a small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) who sells jewellery and a large digital agency who is about to launch a new application for gym chains to use. Let’s walk you through on how you would benefit from online video conferencing being either manager of the first or the second company.

Drum video conferencing suits all businesses, whether large or small

Saved resources

SME scenario: You found a great digital marketing agency whose services your company would benefit greatly. However, they are based in a city 200 miles away.

Large enterprise scenario: Your biggest client is a gym chain in Australia, but your company’s UX department is based in the UK.

By using online video conferencing tools you don’t need to, or your employees don’t need to commute to another city to have an important meeting. This already saves you both time and money, both of which are key factors in doing business.

Web conferencing tools don’t have to create a hole in your wallet. Drum, for example, allows you to start a meeting for free on your browser. Adding video feature to your conferencing doesn’t cost more than couple of pints. But let’s focus on business, shall we.

Instant answers

SME scenario: You’re hosting a small event in your premises the following week but you haven’t received enough confirmations from attendees. You need create more awareness in the area quickly.

Large enterprise scenario: Your application is scheduled to launch in a week but you just received negative feedback from your biggest client about some details on the main navigation bar.

When doing any kind of business, it is the best feeling when things get done quickly or at least by the deadline. Deadlines create their own side of pressure for projects. Sometimes calling isn’t an option, or the person you are trying to reach is busy. Furthermore, emails tend to be left unanswered due to spam filters or you might need to wait for the reply for days. This might cause some projects to fail. By scheduling an instant video conference you can get answers to questions straight away without having to pray for the email gods to allow your email to be seen as soon as possible.

One channel

SME scenario: You would need to schedule a marketing campaign and share documents on current campaigns with the agency.

Large enterprise scenario: You would need to conduct user testing with a gym manager based in Australia.

How would you feel if we told you you could manage all your important operations during a meeting with the use of just one channel? Excited? Disbelief? Well, we surely are excited to tell you that you can do several different tasks with a video conferencing tool. You can meet a person for the first time virtually face-to-face (better than just email right?), you can share important documents will the attendees and show anything vital by sharing your screen if you want to. All this while you are setting deadlines, brainstorming and negotiating without having to open several different softwares or your phone at the same time. How efficient!

You only need one channel when you use Drum as video conferencing platform

Wide audience

SME scenario: You need to discuss the results of the new marketing campaign with each member of the agency’s team who is working on the campaign.

Large enterprise scenario: Both your UX and Product team would need to have a meeting with the client in Australia.

For bigger projects you need more players. Large email chains or back-to-back phone calls can be confusing and create unnecessary stress. Online video conferencing tools allow you to collaborate with several individuals at the same time. With Drum, for example, you can simply invite people to join your meeting by sharing a URL.

These are just few key examples to show you how your company can benefit from using web meeting tools such as Drum. Whether or not your business is similar to the ones in the examples, we are sure you have faced similar situations once or twice in the past or might face them in the future. We believe that every company is unique, and thus can find different benefits from each web conferencing feature.

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