Top 12 locations to hold a web meeting in 2017-2018

Best locations to hold a web meeting

The global environment we live in today has made it easy to access different parts of the world: whether it’s for business or for leisure, the destination choices are becoming more and more exotic and extraordinary. People don’t simply just want to travel. They want to explore.

Having all these possible locations and opportunities to travel around the world might make it difficult to schedule your time, especially in terms of work and meetings. It is unlikely that you will be at the office every time there is an important meeting scheduled. You might need to schedule an emergency meeting when you’re on the road yourself, whether you’re a freelancer or a CEO of a large company. Don’t worry, with online meetings you don’t need to reschedule the meeting for when you are back at the dark and dusty office. Only thing you need when hosting a web meeting abroad is a working Internet connection.

It can be really good for you to change the scenery once in a while for meetings: when you’re in a different environment you will most likely see things in a new light and maybe even be more productive. You can also try make the most of the meetings in the regular office environment.

We have listed the 12 best locations to hold a meeting from July 2017 to June 2018. These locations will definitely make all the other meeting attendees jealous! Try a new place each month and see the difference after a year. Did you become more productive? Did you create new innovative solutions? Or did you at least enjoy the time out of the office?

July – Park Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia

July is a great time to visit Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana: the weather is nice and it is not too touristy since it’s not really the high season. Why not host a meeting while sitting in a quiet spot at the beautiful Tivoli Park? It is a great place for a meeting: covering an area of approximately two square miles you won’t be disturbed by other people. After the meeting you can check out the Ljubljana Summer Festival, which is hosted just a couple blocks away from the park.

Ljubljana garden for web meetings
August – Galápagos Islands

Cruise around Galápagos in August and maybe spot a dolphin or two during your meeting! We suggest you travel on a catamaran since it is a steady option and you won’t have to worry about dropping your device in the ocean! Remember to pack your headphones so the engine sound won’t disturb your meeting.

galapagos islands and catamaran are a great spot for a web meeting
September – Paris, France

If you want to hold a meeting during a warm weather outside a cafe in this elegant European city, the best time to do this is in September when it’s not too crowded. Order a café noisette, find a nice spot (watch out for sunlight on your screen) and start an enjoyable meeting!

Paris Eiffer Tower during September is perfect for web meetings
October – Makarska, Croatia

Makarska, a beautiful port town approx. 2,5 hours away from Dubrovnik, is ideal place to host a meeting in October. The weather is still warm and most the tourists have left the scenery by this time. Almost all restaurants and cafes have WiFi, thus you won’t need to worry about internet connection. So, order a delicious seafood lunch after which you can set up your meeting device right in time for your web meeting.

Choose Makarska Croatia for your web meeting
November – Victoria Peak (The Peak), Hong Kong, China

Victoria Peak

(locally known as The Peak), is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. The Peak Tram takes you right at the top where you can see the most amazing views of the city. The best thing about it: they offer free WiFi at the top! Definitely an exciting place to host a meeting, don’t you think?

Victoria Peak is a great spot to host a web meeting
December – Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, Napapiiri in Lapland, Finland

What better way to spend a few days before Christmas than with one and only Santa Claus! Grab your phone, start a web conference and say hi to Santa whilst enjoying the beautiful snowy scenery. Maybe Santa’s elves can help you practise your Finnish skills for you to say Hyvää Joulua (Merry Christmas) to the meeting attendees!

Santa Claus village Lapland Finland
January – Santa Monica Beach, Boa Lista, Cape Verde

Unlike its Californian counterpart, Santa Monica in Boa Vista offers the ability to enjoy unspoiled nature in a calm environment. “Borrow” an internet connection from one of the beach bars, hold the meeting and go explore the 22km long beach line and beautiful landscapes.

Beach is a great place to host a meeting
February – Angeles, Philippines

Philippines are a great place to visit during February: the temperature is rising and there will be less crowds after the rush of the beginning of the year. There are several different festivals on during February, for example Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF). Why not step up your meeting game and host a web meeting in the skies? Remember to bring your portable hotspot with you!

Philippines for web meeting
March – Puerto Rico, Canary Islands

March is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun in the Canary Islands! Host your meeting either in the pool area or in case there is not a good area with shade, you can host the meeting from your hotel room after which you can go back sipping cocktails and enjoying the warmth!

Puerto Rico is an ideal web meeting spot
April – Verbier, Switzerland

Switzerland’s most popular ski resort is a great choice to visit outside of peak season. Get your skis on and enjoy the slopes! Hosting a meeting after spending some time in the fresh air will definitely help you to focus and be in your most productive frame of mind.

Switzerland for a web meeting is a great choice
May – CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

Enjoy some great views of the city and tasty food up from the CN Tower in Toronto. If you’re a daredevil, you can also do the hands-free EdgeWalk around the Tower’s main pod. You most certainly won’t be nervous before your meeting after strutting along 116 storeys above the ground! If you want more “closer to the ground” related recommendations on how to alleviate your pre-meeting jitters, check out our tips.

CN Tower will lower your meeting jidders
June – Sydney, Australia

The official beginning of winter season in the country, June is not only great due to the fact that there are only few tourists in the metropolitan, but also because you can attend the World Business Forum (31st May – 1st June). Be inspired by listening to business icons and industry leaders speak about the future of business, and bring that inspiration to your own web meeting.

Sydney is ideal for Drum web meetings

We have listed the best locations to hold a web meeting during each month between 2017-2018. Would you be able add even better and more exotic locations to the list? Remember that with Drum Web Meetings you only need a working internet connection to host or attend a meeting. The only thing left to do is book the trip in time for your next meeting!

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