We’ve disproved the 4 common web meeting misconceptions

Have you ever considered hosting a web meeting but then decided not to for one reason or another? This article is exactly for someone like you. Web meetings have become an integral part of any modern business environment. Yet web meeting software is surrounded with an array of misconceptions. If you are someone who dreads the thought of hosting an online meeting, we are here to disprove the common web meeting misconceptions. In fact, we believe that hosting a web meeting is just like riding a bicycle. And here is why:

Hosting a Web Meeting is like Riding a Bicycle

Misconception 1: Web meeting software is hard to use

Do you remember your first time riding a bicycle? It undoubtedly felt alien and unfamiliar. Initially you were bound to get a sense that learning to ride a bike is incredibly hard. This might have caused you to give up almost instantly. However, just like almost anything in this world, riding a bicycle is a learning curve. The ease and confidence with which you ride a bicycle is only established once you have become familiar with it. Similarly, using web meeting technology is a learning curve. In the past, web meeting software configuration was known to be extremely complicated. Moreover, setting up a range of hardware in order to host web meetings was not uncommon. However, these days are truly behind us as online meetings no longer have such burdensome requirements. Online meeting software is not at all hard to install and use. For instance, using Drum, a presenter looking to host an online meeting just generates and distributes a unique web meeting URL. While this process might seem a little complicated at first glance. The more you use it, the more straightforward this process will get.

Misconception 2: Web meetings are not readily accessible

You certainly know that getting a bicycle in the modern day and age is a very simple task. You most likely already noticed the abundance of bicycle shops around your own neighbourhood. Moreover, today you can even easily order one online. Getting access to a bike is therefore just a click away. Web meeting is similar as it is no longer a mythical piece of technology. It is readily available and there are no direct obstacles such as servers involved. You can simply ‘Bookmark’ the Drum web meeting page and you are a click away from hosting your very own web meeting or a webinar. Furthermore, the meeting host can start a meeting from any computer. While participants can join from any platform of their choice, even from smartphones or tablets. This not only makes it readily available but easily accessible too!

Misconception 3: You should not expect high quality and reliability from a web meeting

In the past, getting a high quality bicycle was not very easy as it’s design was simply not perfected yet. However, through the engineering breakthroughs over time, the bicycle technology has been majorly improved. Today, you can expect the bicycle you purchase to be of high quality. This undoubtedly establishes a sense of reliability in the piece of technology itself. Web conferencing holds similar characteristics. For example, 2 or 3 years ago, web meetings had a high dropout rate. Making the online meetings jittery. Today, on the other hand, web meeting technology has progressed and become a reliable place to meet online. What’s more, top quality can now be expected from its use. Technology is no longer distorting the communication between you and your meeting attendees. Making web conferencing highly suitable in today’s environment.

Misconception 4: You should not expect functionality from a web meeting

We live in a world in which we want to accomplish and do more with less effort. This is why having a bicycle with a seat which doubles as a bike lock is no longer a thing of imagination. It is no longer just about getting from point A to point B. Functionality has taken the central stage in everything we use. Online meeting software is not just for online team meetings and online sales presentations. It can do much more than you might initially expect. You can take advantage of the screen and file sharing features afforded by web conferencing software such as Drum. Remotely sharing documents allows you to collaborate in real time. Thus, transforming your overall functionality of using web conferencing software in your daily lives.

We hope this article challenged some of the common web meeting misconceptions and simultaneously relieved some of your concerns. If you are new to using web meeting software, with some patience you can easily learn to take advantage of all of its benefits. Because at the end of the day, it is just like riding a bike. Once you learn how to use its features to their fullest extent, you cannot ever unlearn them.

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