Tips on Increasing Web Meeting Productivity

What is the purpose of a web meeting if not to make your working day, week and month more productive? Essentially, an ineffective meeting is a hindrance to your daily activity and your life in general. You can do far more with your day if you are not tied down to a meeting that will not hold any significant benefits. After all, your time is precious and you wouldn’t want to waste it on a meeting which will not achieve the desired results (Am I right?). This is why effective meetings have many advantages.

We have previously provided a list of preparation tips to help your web meeting be more productive. As promised, we have also created a new list focusing more specifically on tips to implement during and after the meeting to make it more productive.

Take Notes

One aspect you need to implement into your meetings is to make sure you take notes throughout. Undoubtedly, taking notes helps you remember and unless you have the mind which could equate to a super computer, you need to write things down in order to remember things. In fact, as the Chinese proverb goes, ‘The palest ink is better than the best memory’. Taking notes can, therefore, allow you to reflect back on what a meeting covered while also relieving your mind of trying to recall the information.  You might think, if someone is already taking the notes of a meeting, shouldn’t everyone else just sit back and listen? Not exactly. Taking notes hones your focus. It will allow you to pay more attention throughout the meeting itself which will be beneficial. Especially throughout the discussions in the meeting as you will possess notes which are more personal and might be more detailed.

Web meeting tips. Importance of taking notes

Share notes within your team

It is also important for you and your team members exchange notes towards the end of the meeting. Different people have different ways of thinking. Someone might have interpreted something said in the meeting in a unique way. This might contribute more directly to your understanding of the topic. Moreover, this could also bring your attention to aspects of the meeting which you might have not noticed yourself.

Meeting replay

The beauty of having your meeting online and using web conferencing software is as a meeting host, you have access to recording your entire meeting. Therefore, once the meeting is over, you can replay it at your leisure. You can use this to your advantage and replay the meeting in order to see what you can improve on. What’s more, (a minute of shameless promotion), Drum software automatically records your meetings for you. Relieving you from the stress of accidentally forgetting to record the meeting yourself.

Meeting productivity tips. Replaying your web meeting

After these aspects have been accomplished, you can go ahead and break off the meeting. At first glance, this may seem like a considerable list of thing to consider. However, most of these are fairly minor and should seamlessly slide into your existing web meeting routine. A slight change in your approach to meetings will begin to provide you with substantial benefits. With this in mind, we recommend you implement these changes slowly. Otherwise, you will fall into unfamiliar territory where you will become less effective.

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