Ace the skill of establishing a secure meeting

We are all well aware of the importance of security in all of our communications in this digital era. Communication channels vary from your email right through to your web meetings. However,  it is important to understand that security threats can come in varying shapes and sizes and through differing methods. An example could be a stranger entering your meeting or your conference. However, there are plans you can put in place to help prevent your meeting from getting breached. Implementing a security procedure will undoubtedly save you a great deal of stress in the future and removes the possibility of anyone unexpectedly joining the conversation!

As a Drum user

There are several things Drum provides you with to enforce the utmost security. We will guide you through our security maximising features you need to be aware of for every web meeting or web conference you have. These ensure you are threat-free now and forever. At the end of the day, why put yourself at risk when you can just as easily avoid it, right?

Meeting specific URL

Each meeting you create through Drum comes with a unique meeting URL. This is specific to your meeting and should be distributed accordingly. By using a unique meeting URL, you can decrease the chances of your meeting being accessed by unwanted attendees. Moreover, it will guarantee your meeting will run through a secure platform. This is a headache-free method which retains safety in the simplest way for the host.

Most secure VoIP in WebRTC

Today, WebRTC is the most secure way to communicate within the web. WebRTC audio is integrated into every Drum account free of charge. This is important to be aware of as it will help you and your attendees feel more secure throughout your meeting. Therefore a WebRTC integration in Drum web meeting services equips it with valuable security protocols which can save time and money.

Dedicated dial-in conferencing

Dial-in conferencing allows meeting attendees to join the audio of a web meeting or conference by calling into the meeting from a phone. Being integrated into our Drum solution, this feature is already equipped with security measures which would make sure your meeting security is not compromised. There are two sets of PINs associated with each room. The first PIN is for the host. The second of the conference PINS are for the guests. Taking advantage of all the resources at hand offered at Drum is the ideal way to improve your awareness of and our implementation of security into your web meetings.

As the meeting host

While Drum has already equipped all meetings with features meant to increase the security of each meeting, there are some security aspects which the web meeting host is responsible for. Look no further as we will provide you with everything you need to know in order to ace the skill of establishing a secure meeting

Invitee emails

If you are concerned about unwanted guests entering your meeting, then the first step is to ensure your email invites are not being shared. This is within the control of the meeting host and improves the security of your meetings. To do so, you must make sure emails with the unique meeting URL are only sent out to people needed for the meeting. These people need to also be aware of the link being strictly confidential and must not be shared. This will stop unwanted people from joining and violating the overall security of your meeting. What’s more, insert a notification within the meeting agenda reiterating the importance of not sharing meeting URL’s.

Meeting waiting room

The benefit of a meeting waiting room is, as a meeting host, the capability of viewing all meeting attendees prior to starting the meeting. You, therefore, have the power to look into the ‘waiting room’ and individually select who joins your meeting without informing the attendees of your presence. Meaning, unwanted attendees can be easily vetted out. This is a vital step to any web meeting as it increases the security by ensuring only members who need to be there are allowed to join. 

In any instance, if you feel there is an intruder within your meeting, we recommend stopping the meeting immediately. Then, creating a new meeting for your guests to join. Ensure you run through these security procedures every time you have a web meeting or a web conference. Following this, contact our Drum team so we can explore any additional potential security risk issues and questions you might have.

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