Make your next web meeting presentation more engaging with 3 simple rules

We have all attended effective presentations which kept us engaged for 30,60 or even the entire 120 minutes. On the other hand, we have also undoubtedly witnessed presentations which have not been quite as gripping. As presenters, we want to always keep our audience engaged in what we do. We only need to look towards Apple’s keynotes to understand the power of a strong presentation and realise it is indeed possible to achieve. You can learn how to successfully attract an audience.

Whilst different topics require different approaches, there are some core guidelines which could be followed to make your presentations remain engaging. Because at the end of the day, an engaged audience will always help you calm your nerves as well as deliver a more rewarding presentation. Just like a sculptor implements core methods and processes in creating a sculpture, our methods will allow you to become skilful at sculpting a successful presentation. A presentation which will undoubtedly attract and engage your target audience.

Engaging Presentation

Choose a subject matter

Just like a sculptor chooses a subject matter for his sculpture, you need to choose the most fitting topic for your presentation.This topic needs to be captivating enough in order to evoke a level of interest from your target audience. This step plays the most pivotal role in starting the process of creating and implementing a successful presentation. Tell your audience what your presentation is all about. A sculptor typically needs a level of imagination and inspiration to incite the sculpting process and you could draw on this by getting inspiration from presentations you yourself find alluring and interesting.

Assemble the appropriate materials

The purpose of any artwork is to communicate a message and in order to do so, a sculptor needs to choose the most appropriate materials for his sculpture. In the same way, you need to choose the most fitting topic for your presentation. The chosen materials form the backbone of any sculpture and similarly, your presentation should assemble a range of engaging aspects which would deliver your chosen topic in the best possible way. Understand what you want to deliver and compare it to what you want your viewers to gain. This should set a standard which guarantees you have a clear direction for visualising the execution of your presentation (in other words, visualise how a sculpture will look when completed).

Use an appropriate method for successful execution

A sculptor evaluates potential sculpture forms which could portray his final desired piece in the best way. A presenter should similarly think about the best way to communicate the chosen topic. One way to do so it to consider the tone of your voice. In the world of communication, the tone defines everything and dictates the success of relaying necessary information in a manner which remains interesting for the audience. Your expertise on the topic comes through in the way you say the information and dictates the impression it makes on all attendees. It is not to be considered lightly as the tone of your voice is an expression of your values (and the shape and form of a sculpture similarly act as an expression of the values and skill of the sculptor making it).

Engaging presentations within a webinar or a web meeting not only ensures your attendees remain awake but also drive engagement. Engagement provides a direct correlation to having an interest in the topic. Interest in a topic then provides a strong link to making an action towards wanting to learn more. Webinars are designed to be knowledge sharing, and through knowledge sharing, you will be generating leads. It is therefore in your interest to strive towards an engaging presentation.

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