6 methods to attract people to your webinar

Knowing how to attract people to your webinars is the single most important skill which can increase it’s chances of success. If attendance is low then your insights and lead generations are likely to be limited. Using the right tactics for your webinar is therefore essential to ensure you have a high amount of attendees. Here are our top tips to substantially increase the audience of your webinars.

Webinar Audience Attracting


The topic and its title set the overall tone of your webinar. It is the basis of any successful webinar which is why it should be a top priority in attracting an audience. Many might argue that content is the most important aspect. However, while we do agree content is vital to the success of a webinar, a title sets the first impression because it is the first thing people see. It is therefore easier to attract an audience by creating a title instantly capturing their interest (You can read more about creating a title here).


The depth at which your webinar will be promoted on channels and mediums makes all the difference. Think strategically in terms of who your audience is and how you can reach them. Building and strengthening connections with your target audience should be your main goal. One way to do this is to bring people that can promote your webinar on different social media platforms. Additionally, you can use your social media platforms to communicate directly with your target audience. Focusing on relevant people will increase your chances of success as they will be more interested in the topic of your webinar.The further and more specific your outreach is, the more people your webinar will attract (then sit back and watch your attendees skyrocket!).


One aspect which can further increase webinar attendance is your brand association. The best way to achieve this is through the promotion of your webinar through affiliate marketing. This is a strategy which includes working in partnership with other companies that could promote your webinar on their platforms and make an agreed commission by doing so. An example of this could be a company promoting your webinar by creating a post or a link that would directly lead prospective attendees directly to your page. Having a mutual relationship which involves a degree of promotion of products or services undeniably makes all the difference.


Once people have come to the landing page of your webinar. Ease their way into it in a way which conveys your company brand and values.This is important because a solid foundation is vital when building and maintaining a relationship with your target audience.Having the proper operational knowledge will guarantee the audience is equipped with the skills and access leading them to a more seamless experience. One way to do this is to provide your users with information that walks them through the first actions of entering a webinar. This will make their transition into your webinar easier and more straightforward. You could also provide them with information explaining 3 or 4 core benefits that they will obtain when they attend your webinar.

Guest speaker

Once you have attracted people to your webinar and they showed up (You can now pat yourself on the back), you are one step closer to mastering the skill of attracting people to your webinar. The second step includes keeping the audience engaged enough in order to remain focused throughout the entire length of your webinar. One way to do this is to bring an entertaining guest speaker. A speaker who doesn’t just read through his notes but has the skill to firmly retain the attention of your audience. Not only will this increase attract the interest of your attendees but also increase the chance of them joining your webinar in the future (or even telling their friends!).


Everyone knows or has heard of long and seemingly endless webinars. It is a recurring fear which all attendees are faced with when making the decision on whether to join a webinar or not. Most likely, this is the main reason behind low engagement. People are often spend their time sparingly on things they believe provides a tangible benefit. It is therefore important to keep your webinar limited to a specific time frame. Identify the time it takes for each topic to be addressed and stick to it! Extending your webinar beyond the point of interest of knowledge sharing, you run the risk of losing the interest of your attendees. Not only do you possibly lose them in that webinar but in future webinars also.

Implementing these tips will help you attract a substantial number of attendees. However, you could easily adjust these tips depending on what works best for you. Select a handful of ones which you know you can handle and believe would work well for your target audience. Additionally, utilising trial and error in relation to these tips for your future webinars will help you better understand what worked and what didn’t, making you more skilled in the long run.

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