Drum announces a substantial upgrade of the video quality available within web meetings

BRIGHTON, April 2017 – Drum, a Brighton-based conferencing software company, announced today that it has significantly upgraded its video quality for a superior experience.

The video quality has become significantly smoother with a more precise representation of each attendee using video. Video upgrade is delivering an experience more in line with the audio quality users are currently benefitting from.

This new video quality will now complement the recent audio upgrade to the Drum web meeting experience early 2017. What’s more, the video quality also carries through to compatible mobile devices. Each viewer of the meeting replay can still experience the meeting in high definition.

The new video quality is available to all pro users. That includes, users who have linked their team when creating meetings using the Slack integration, as well as those on the pro plan with Drum meetings.

“The first of numerous updates to come to Drum in 2017, video was always going to be next upgrade after the success of the audio upgrade. The latest video development signifies our commitment to providing a life-like meeting experience within the web. A crisp video for a meeting further delivers the true to life meeting experience.” said John Logsdon, CEO and founder of Drum.

There are likely to be many users who will welcome Drum’s new product development. Drum provides a 28-day free trial for each of its two paid tiers: Standard and Pro. Alternatively, there is also a freemium model made available for all users. To sign up, all you need is an email address.

In 2016, Drum launched its web meeting dashboard, enabling organisations – small or large – to meet online and manage their meetings and teams. Drum Meetings retains HTML5, CSS3 and WebRTC to operate solely within the browser to remove the need for product downloads. In addition, the Drum meeting API remains available for developers and organisations looking to create their own web-meeting solution for internal or resale purposes.

About Drum

Drum uses WebRTC combined with HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver browser-based web meetings inside your existing service and/or website. Drum’s in-house expertise ensures your online meetings are just as effective as the ones you hold offline. Drum offers two separate versions of web meetings. The first is an embeddable web meeting API; the second is a standalone solution for meetings and meeting management hosted in the UK and the US.

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