There is no meeting like an effective meeting

Like anything we do within the business world, it is determined by its effectiveness and the benefits of doing so. Meetings are no different. If anything, they come in for extra scrutiny to be effective and deliver results. A meeting without tangible benefits is seen as not only a time waster for the host but also for the attendees. Here at Drum, we love the feeling of an effective meeting. There is nothing better then coming out of one knowing that your time was spent productively with tangible benefits moving forward.

Effective Meeting

Picture this, hosting an effective meeting is just like building a house of cards. You have to build a strong base which will serve as a platform supporting the top layers. Each card that is meticulously placed into your house is vital for maintaining the overall structure. Similar to this, an effective meeting is made up of various levels, or cards if you may, that in the end make it effective. Here is a list of what we deem to be the true elements to make up an effective meeting.

Preparation – The cards for your house structure

Just like in the house of cards, preparation is the base of your meeting. Preparing ahead of time guarantees your meeting has a clear direction. There are many things you can do, in terms of meeting preparation, for an effective meeting. Ranging from checking your internet connection, sending instructions to your attendees or setting a clear agenda. The key card (in the structure of your meeting) is in spending the time to prepare for each meeting. We have mentioned time and time again that preparation makes all the difference. You can read our complete guide on meeting preparation here.

Action – The base of cards

Once you have done everything necessary to prepare for a meeting (and built the base of your house of cards), the next step would be to actually implement and implement this within your web meeting. In a sense, it is just like putting up the cards you have already prepared. This might seem like a hard step but it is also a key aspect in guaranteeing your meeting progresses, effectively. Set a few minutes at the beginning of your meeting to discuss everything that needs to be achieved with your attendees. This will make sure you stay on track throughout the duration of your meeting. Being proactive sense will only benefit the overall effectiveness of your meeting (and the overall structure of your house of cards).

House of Cards

Development – Keeping your house of cards standing

Once the meeting starts, and you have the necessary structure in place to continue, begin implementing all of your actions (adding more cards). The next thing to do is to make sure that  your meeting is continuing at a pase that’s time-efficient. Set aside the time you think each element in your agenda would take and make sure you stick to it. Prioritising these cards of your house could be essential. You can set aside more time for projects carrying more importance. This will make your overall meeting more effective (and your house of cards will remain standing).

Understanding of project breakdown – The structure of the overall house of cards

Another important aspect of an effective meeting is your meetings attendees and their thorough  understanding of the project breakdown. Effective meetings don’t advocate doing everything at once but instead setting clear steps for project progression.The clearer the steps are, the easier it becomes for everyone to visualize what it takes to achieve a successful project. (After all, you wouldn’t just start with building the roof of your house of cards, would you?)

Targets being hit – The roof of cards

The final aspect of an effective meeting, is the ability for you to step back and evaluate the success of everything. What have you achieved? What has been covered? Understanding what you can improve on and evaluating what you have achieved at the end of each meeting. This is your way of guaranteeing everything you discussed will be carried out successfully with time and cost efficiency in mind. (It’s a way of insuring that your house of cards has a well-structured roof)

Successful meetings don’t just happen, they require a lot of dedication and planning. Neglecting one step can make your meeting unproductive and inefficient (and your house of cards will fall apart before it is finished). It is understandable not every meeting is going to be as effective as the last. But comprehending the importance of having an effective meeting is essential. Whether it is the satisfaction of knowing it is time well spent or you are one step closer to achieving your targets, effective meetings changes an outlook to a meeting. Why not also check out our list on how to choose the ideal place to join a web meeting. 

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