4 things to consider when creating your webinar title

Your webinar title is going to tell your potential attendees everything they need to know about what to expect. The title provides the user with the agenda, the outcomes and how it is going to be conducted. You can have the most insightful webinar in the world, but if your title does not incite people to join, then no one will ever discover it. Getting this right is pivotal with a good title making all the difference. It is the first thing your attendees see, and we all know how important first impressions are. Without a correct title, your webinar could fail to reach the heights you require.

An effective title is likely to yield substantial results. You can expect to have an increased sign-up rate and a comparative attendance rate. Whilst the audience are likely to be your target audience with a direct desire to understand the topic (they are also increasingly likely to turn into customers and generate revenue for your organisation in the future!).

So you want to know how to write an awesome web title? Then buckle up and enjoy our invaluable tips.

Webinar Title Tips
Things to consider when creating your webinar title

Let’s start with a tame and simple step, to get the engine going. First and foremost, one of the most important things to consider before creating your webinar title is your topic. You have to have a clear understanding of what your webinar is about. The best thing to do is to in this situation is to write down all of the important aspects that will be discussed. Then simply ensure the main topic clearly stands out in your title. The topics that you notice are central to your webinar and are recurring throughout is your starting point to generating a successful title. Ask yourself, does your title represent your topic in the most accurate way? If so, you can put a mental check on this section (you’ve almost mastered the art of creating an ideal title!).

Now let’s get into gear one. Consider whether people can relate to the title. It should be clear enough so that people who are interested in this topic can identify what the webinar is about. A relevant title should also be a vital factor in attracting the appropriate audience. Consider what your title tells your audience, is it leading on to relevant information? Getting into first gear is an essential aspect that will determine the success of your webinar. The first gear ensures you have a higher chance to reach your target audience.

Moving up the gears now, still holding tight? This is where we begin to go back and forth, quickly. Look at your title and determine whether it makes sense and be honest with a critical assessment. This seems rather trivial, however, many fail to create successful titles simply because they over complicate things. It is important to stand back and think whether your title is easy to understand. Keeping things simple is sometimes underrated. In general, your title should act as a summary of your overall topic and simultaneously, incorporate the overall purpose and objective of your webinar. If you don’t understand the title in a snappy and precise way, then how will potential attendees?

Here we are, getting into top gear and reaching our top speed. Test the question on yourself and ask whether you are excited by the topic and what the title gives you. If the answer is yes, well done, you can now proudly label your webinar and invite others to join your journey! However, if the answer is no then you need to seriously reconsider the tips listed previously. Try alternating some of the words in your title. One seemingly insignificant change in the wording could have a completely different impact on your attendees.

As we have mentioned, you need your title to be enticing and interesting for you target audience, to the point that they will be eager to join your webinar (in the present and in the future!). The title is going to be the first determining factor, on whether to join or not, for any attendee. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget that you can describe the topic in more detail within the description. At this stage, your potential attendees have already bought into the topic and have an interest to discover more. And most importantly, don’t allow your webinar title to potentially put off or confuse your webinar attendees.

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