Do you know how important your brand is?

Your brand is a lot more than just your logo, it sets the meaning behind your company’s name. Brand awareness is also about how your meeting and webinar attendees enjoy their experience and then relate this back to your brand. That is why it is important for you to deliver the best possible experience. The key here is in your customers relating the experience they receive with your brand and not a third party brand.

However, it is true that the first step for a successful brand starts with the branding and the logo inside your domain. This acts as an introduction allowing your customers to get a sense of the experience they will receive with your brand. But why is it so important to reinforce your brand? Your brand is a long-term strategy to company success and here is why.

The importance of branding
The importance of branding in a web meeting or webinar

In today’s fast-paced world, the root of your brand lies in its recognition. Recognition prevents your brand from being easily forgotten and dismissed. It also acts as a thread that holds the success of your business ensuring your brand is noticeable. This recognition builds a foundation of brand trust. The benefits of which include credibility and consistency as people feel more inclined to use your service over your competitor’s. This is therefore critical in setting you apart from the competition that might be offering similar services. Associating your company’s services with a positive brand identity guarantees a higher success rate. Thus, creating an effective meeting or webinar experience inside your brand is vital.

Once your brand is established and easily recognised in the industry, another key aspect is remembering your brand. Therefore, the initial experience that you create in a web meeting should form a basis of establishing trust with your customers. Specifically, your logo colours combined with your URL delivers the brand ownership and control over the meeting. Additionally, providing good content in your web meeting or webinar generates a sense of confidence in your brand’s ability to provide desired services. This will allow people to trust  the information supplied which simultaneously builds your base of loyal customers.

Building trust in your brand translates to your customers returning back and using your services again. The brand’s positive reputation generates an image that will be significant when customers are searching for the same services in the future. Your customers will think of you first, which will be a substantial advantage for your company. Most importantly, repeat business equates to company growth. This will provide value to your business and establish you as the best service provider within your industry. A strong and well established brand could lead to referrals from customers. Word of mouth, generated through a good strong branded experience, is invaluable. Therefore, if your brand is memorable, your business is more successful. However, when certain expectations are no longer met by your brand, customer trust can easily be lost. The effects of this could be severely damaging to your business. Stressing the importance foryou company to be working at retaining loyal customers.

Recognition, Remembering, Returning. These are the three key aspects of brand strategy that are critical in successfully establishing your company as a leader in your industry. At the same time, if you are trying to reinforce your brand experience during your web meeting then a third party application with their own brand simply won’t do. This is where Drum comes in and their handy integrated meeting experience for all meeting guests. All you have to do is create a new page within your website labelled ‘Meeting’, copy your unique snippet code from within your Drum account, insert your chosen website URL into your input field and hit publish. An increasingly important company business development strategy is webinars and web meetings. A critical part to this is reinforcing your brand at this stage by simply embedding the web meeting which provides you with ownership of your brand.

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