4 essential places when joining a web meeting

Web meetings and webinars provide us with the luxury of being able to join and connect from almost anywhere in the world. We have seen users join from locations such as a field in Dagenham right through to the white sandy beaches in Fortaleza. The possibilities to connect are endless and are only limited to your ability to obtain a strong internet connection. Connection therefore plays one of the pivotal parts of any webinar or web meeting.

However, it is all well and good wanting to join your webinar or web meeting from a luxury location (but if you choose to then check these out! ), but it is of little use if you can not secure a strong internet connection. To ensure you make the most from your webinar or web meeting you need to ensure you are located in a space with a secure and reliable internet connection. Here are our suggestions to ensure you have a successful meeting experience maximising the overall effectiveness of your web meeting or webinar.

One of the most ideal locations that usually offers both good internet connection and reliability is your office. It might seem like an obvious choice but sometimes the most obvious places tend to be factored out too quickly. The great thing about working in your office is that it provides a space with the least amount of distraction. External noise will never be a problem during your web meeting. Additionally, the office is likely to be the least stressful. The space is already equipped with everything you might need such as access to the Internet. You won’t need to spend time on pre planning and arranging the space around you. Not only does it come equipped with everything you might need, in terms of space, but it also places you within a close proximity to any work-related documents that could be needed in a web meeting.

At the same time, connecting from home could also serve as a fitting location for your web meeting as it gives you flexibility. You can set up a web meeting anytime from the comfort of your house thus eliminating long commutes or factoring in traveling time and cost. Setting hours of your own convenience therefore saves you both money and time. Being in a home environment provides you with a stable internet connection as well as a quieter atmosphere. What’s exciting is that by setting your own space and pace you will guarantee yourself a more productive meeting.

Drum web meeting conference room
Use a conference room to insure a reliable internet connection

The third choice of environment for a successful web meeting is your business conference room. First and foremost, a business conference room gives you privacy in a professional location. Thus, as well as providing you with the same benefits as working in an office, the privacy of a conference room stimulates productivity as you are able to discuss all the vital matters at hand. With so many benefits it makes perfect sense to use business conference rooms for your web meetings.

Alternatively, for those who work within a shared office space, such as WeWork, in order to have a successful web meeting or webinar you could also rent a shared office space with a private cabin. A shared office space offers everything you might need in a business environment while ultimately being cheaper than a private office space. Being in an office generally gives you a sense of purpose and a shared office space generating the same benefits.

Drum web meeting shared office space
Use a shared office space for inspiration

Our experience of hosting and being a part of web meetings on a daily basis means we learn from a variety of environments. These locations are seen as ideal based on their feasibility to have a strong internet connection and the convenience of using larger computers. However, the beauty of web meetings is that with a strong internet connection, you can be almost anywhere in world when attending a web meeting (as long as you have a smart device such as a mobile phone or a tablet). We understand that sometimes this isn’t always the best solution, despite its desirability.

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