Guess who is “New and Noteworthy” on Slack? It’s Drum!

The last time you heard from us we were banging the Drum (see what we did there?) about having joined the Slack App directory. We are proud to now be a top app for your Slack team and be recognised by the world’s fastest growing company as a top app. This demonstrates how Drum can help you and your company.

Since being rated as a top app, Drum has had significant uptake within the Slack community with a huge number of new web meetings being created. We’ve seen all sorts of organisations creating meetings ranging from automotive companies through to stock brokers. It goes to show, everyone can benefit from having access to an easy way of meeting. W. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

Drum Web Meeting Slack App

Drum was born out of frustration from our CEO, John Logsdon. He grew discouraged with the traditional solutions within the market. It was never a joy but a chore to join a web meeting (as joyous as they could be once they’d actually begun). The hassle of using the right piece of software and updating computer settings made web meetings a significant effort. It just so happened this additional problem was a shared concern for all web meeting users. And thus Drum was born!

Drum removes the need for those pesky and tedious downloads and system requirements. Just use your browser to join the meeting and you are in. Slack simply ensures you have streamlined access to your next web meeting. This has led to Drum becoming prominent within the Slack directory and being noted as a noteworthy application for all Slack teams.

All buttoned-up

You can also see that Drum is now featured within the ‘all buttoned up’ category in the Slack App directory alongside additional apps that have inserted buttons into their integrations. Buttons help you remain within Slack and further increase your productivity. The following buttons have been introduced into the Drum App:

Join meeting

A direct link to join your meeting


To join the audio conference without joining the meeting

Replay Meeting

To replay the web meeting once it has been concluded

So head on over to the Slack App Directory and check out the Drum installation that we’re proud of. We would also recommend having a poke around in the App Directory to discover whether your existing services also provide an integration. Make the most out of the /drum command to get your hands on instant free web meetings too. See you on Slack!

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