So you thought Slack was just a text based messaging app huh?! Well you thought wrong.

We all know about Slack, the super cool business messaging app that allows you to manage all your conversations at work – and with third parties you invite as guests – in project related channels. Colleagues can join the conversation at any time and catch up on everything that was said before. Try doing that with email!

We use Slack a lot here at Drum because it makes us, as a team, more productive. And there is more to Slack than just chat. The Slack app directory has tons of great integrations, some of our favourites are github to watch project commits, Jira – to see activity on bugs etc and email(!!) for website leads and alerts from our monitoring system. The Slack App store takes a great app and makes it even better, in fact we would be lost without it now!

But over-working your Slack account and being a part of too many teams is an abuse of your daily schedule. It is us as users who fall into the trap of taking the easy route of using text chat as the first and only option. It goes without saying, Drum wants you to change your habits and increase your Slack usage. Just check out this article where we witness a Slack user breaking up with… Slack (something we didn’t even know was possible!):

Check out these comments who seemingly agree it was down to the user…

This is where the App directory steps into your workflow. The issue is not that of Slack, but how the user interacts and makes the most out of Slack.

And not to mention your work life balance. Text chat can sometimes become sluggish and continue throughout the course of the day or even the week. We find ourselves looking back to the Slack channel for the Marketing campaign budget approval or whether our dev team need an explanation on that bug you raised. Sure, this helps our projects continue moving in the right direction. But what if you could get the marketing budget signed off in a thirty minute online presentation or explain the bug you discovered within ten minutes? Surely, we would have one less reason to be checking our Slack outside of office hours.

What does /drum give you?

/drum adds a fully featured ‘see what I see’ web meeting directly in your Slack channel. And what’s better is that it is recorded so by clicking the ‘replay button’ (Those Slack buttons make it all possible!) you can review previous meetings at any time.

Standard Slack messaging is still the backbone of day to day communications but sometimes you need to formalise things a bit more, and talk!

/drum adds real-time voice, video, document presentation (with laser pointer and pencil to reinforce your point) and screen sharing. Anyone in the channel can click the link to join the meeting and you can share it externally as well. Guests go to a waiting room first so you get to choose who is allowed in without having to issue passwords and pin numbers. It’s browser based so no fuss and no pesky flash applications.

Add /drum now to experience the powerful combination of Slack and Drum Web meetings!.

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