The 10 coolest (and accessible to you! At least some) places to be when you attend a web meeting

Meetings can be great whether they are face to face or online using a web meeting tool. But sometimes meetings can be hard to attend. We usually have participants in different locations nationally and even internationally. This makes it hard for everyone to attend. We begin exploring the possibility of using a web meeting solution to ensure everyone who needs to be, can be in the meeting.

A web meeting tool is great, especially those which are browser-based. We can meet and discuss topics with people worldwide. Web meetings have proven to be a shrewd investment for organisations to save time and money whilst driving productivity. But it also gives us the possibility to be almost anywhere in the world and still conduct our business meetings. So as long as we have a strong internet connection, we could be at any location and still join the web meeting. Why do we still persist to remain within the office? Here are six realistic and easily achievable locations and 4 maybe not so realistic but more desirable.

The Realistic Desitinations

Your local Coffee shop

Coffee shops are great. Picking a location with a strong internet connection, serving a good coffee, changes your mentality within the meeting. Breaking free from the office environment makes you more relaxed and easier to share your thoughts. But be careful of any additional background noise!

Hyde Park – or Central Park or any park!

A park gives you the feeling of being in the open space. You can carry your choice of computer or tablet into a green area and enjoy the fresh air (rather than being cooped up within an office). Just remember to take your mobile device with you to set up your own hotspot! Or simply join from your mobile phone (Drum is responsive ensuring you receive the same meeting experience on all screen sizes!).

Shared offices – Skiff, WeWork

These types of locations provide you with the relaxed yet professional environment. The two-fold benefit of being in a shared office is the reliable internet connection and the possibility of someone overhearing your conversation and having an interest in your offering. Everyone within the organisation is a salesman and not just the lucky few with the fancy title of ‘sales director’ are responsible for selling your product.


This location is purely for the views, and whilst we have placed this location under ‘realistic’ it may only be possible for a few. Similar to hosting your web meetings in the Welsh Valleys, not all of us have instant access to the location. Even so, if you do have access to these locations then what better way to host or attend your web meeting whilst enjoying the pictorial view.

Your living room

Or why not just try the simple living room within your very own house. Work from home for the day when you have numerous meetings scheduled. Or topically the trains are on strike again! Sometimes there is nothing more comfortable than your familiar surroundings.

Your garden

It’s a nice day and the sun is out? Then why not host/attend your web meetings within your own back garden. You can enjoy the fresh air yet be sure your internet connection is going to be reliable.

You could always stay in the office within the air con? Nice and cool right?

Go ahead and stay in the office. Everything is there which you need including the air conditioning, for those particularly hot summer days. For some privacy you could also book your conference room to ensure you do not disrupt your colleagues.

The Luxurious Destinations

The more realistic locations can be interesting and provide us with some ideas. However, it is the more sophisticated and luxurious locations we are more interested in. Here are the three locations we would recommend, if you can, to host or attend your web meeting.


In the North of Wales. Snowdonia provides you with the calming feeling before your intense strategy meeting. The national park provides you with the post-meeting therapy to help you clear your mind and thoughts. Time away after a meeting is essential. Jumping straight into a new meeting or summarising the notes, directly after the meeting has finished, may cause you to overlook important information.

Miami South Beach – Or Brighton beach

Miami and Brighton and pretty similar. They both have nice beaches, good places to relax yet be professional and have a strong internet infrastructure. So we thought we would place these under the same title. Hosting your web meeting in a location such as these provides a sense of excitement for your web meeting. Excitement transfers into the meeting and becomes infectious. Ultimately, the meeting becomes increasingly more productive with greater outcomes.

Necker Island

Peace and quiet is almost guaranteed and you are surrounded by the most luxurious environment. Your preparation for the meeting is made real simple by the help and assistance you receive by the team on the island. Follow this up with the chance to enjoy some water sports once after your meeting (providing its the end of the working day of course). However, we cannot speak for the internet connectivity on the Richard Branson’s island.

How about a mega yacht in Monaco or a canal barge on Norfolk broads or a gondola in Venice or the top of the Shard or the Opera House in Sydney – let your imagination and your meetings roam!! What are your ideal locations?

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