9 Reasons Why Web Meeting Accessibility Is More Important Than Meeting Features

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind of searching for the next best feature for any type of solution. We all want to provide the most cutting edge technology to our existing users and to encourage new users to experience our solution.  However, here at Drum we like to also focus on the journey to joining the web meeting and not just what happens when you are inside the web meeting. Here are nine things to consider when looking to join a web meeting and what can potential hold you back from entering as a meeting attendee or meeting host.

Internet connection

Internet connection is something which cannot be helped at times. You may find yourself in the sticks or within a shared network space. Solutions requiring a strong internet connection are likely to become problematic at this very first step within a web meeting.

Sign up

Signing up to a new service only slows meeting attendees down. Filling out quick information we are unlikely to remember means our registration is deemed surplus to requirements.

Application download

You registered and signed in, only a few minutes to go until your meeting begins. You allowed enough time to download the web meeting application… didn’t you? Downloading meeting applications add to the frustration of hosting and joining a web meeting. Your web meetings should be as easy to access as the office based meetings.

Firewall issues

For the more secure user such as the financial advisor where their internal network is on continuous lockdown, entering a meeting and downloading software can become troublesome.

Meeting invite sharing

The meeting invite is always something which can easily affect the meeting attendance. An ineffective meeting invite is likely to encourage fewer people to attend the meeting. There can easily be too much information or unclear instructions on how to join the meeting.

Mobile devices

So you want to use your mobile device. But, just like above, you need to download the application and ensure the mobile view provides you with the same experience as the desktop version.

Cost per minute

You can’t attend the web meeting or you are using a browser/operating system not supporting browser-based audio. But it’s great, the service being used provides you with a dial-in number to join the meeting, at a cost per minute that is.

Meeting PINS

So you don’t mind paying the cost per minute. But can you remember the meeting audio PIN? You know, the 7-9 digit number which was included on your email invite. And not to forget the dial-in number you need to input to enter the conferencing bridge. The two set of numbers, for the sporadic user of a web meeting solution, can quickly become confusing.


Finally, becoming familiar with the solution is the biggest challenge. You have overcome each hurdle when entering the meeting. But now you are here, you need to begin familiarising yourself with the solution. If something is particularly confusing you can become lost within the solution. Your intuition fails you as you attempt figure out the best way to use the wide selection of features amongst a selection of various different tabs.

Raising the question, are you looking for the right things when searching for the right web meeting solution?

Usability is king. The entire meeting experience relies upon the meeting attendees opinion of the meeting, including accessibility and usability. Falling under this includes how the user found the journey to the web meeting, the experience within the meeting and the reliability. Where to start your search? Browser-based web meetings such as Drum.

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