The rise of AI – will business have human interaction again?

We are seeing increasingly more stories about AI and bots. More developments creating intelligent bots who can interact with us similar to a human. Whether you are looking to avoid a certain person on your phone or gain more insights within your Slack feed when using Howdy we are becoming exposed to more bots within our daily working environment. These type of bots are understanding and interacting with you using AI. We are beginning to remove the human element slowly but surely. However, technology is providing us with a more human interaction then a customer assistant reading from a script. But how is that possible? Is this something out of Terminator we are experiencing?

We are far from the levels of AI demonstrated in the blockbuster movie. Our Slack Bots are not currently demonstrating signs of taking over our computers. However, these bots are becoming more and more powerful and are likely to become more apparent, in our day to day world, without us even noticing. Aspects, such as Siri on your iPhone, has already worked itself into our day to day activities. These bots continue to ensure our lives become easier and hassle free. Whilst improving our efficiency, we are also receiving a personal touch. Our mobile devices are almost becoming our personal assistant.

Let’s extend this technology and its capabilities. There is an interesting article about the way in which web pages will change for the good by bots. This is where the personal touch and the human interaction begins to take hold through AI. At present, we are likely to interact with a customer assistant through live chat on a website. It is no secret these customer assistants are under pressure to speak with more than one customer at any given time. Whilst they are extremely effective at attending to multiple customers at any given time, it is thought once a bot has adequately understood and learnt human interaction then they can ultimately process information quicker than the human. Consider all of the variables which arrive with the human touch, and the the AI approach suddenly looks like a more favourable approach for organisations.

The importance and usage of bots can extend beyond the customer experience within a retail environment. AI within your web meetings could suddenly alter the way in which meetings are conducted and reviewed in the future. Meeting management is usually the main issue within any meeting. Ensuring everyone can join, resolving potential issues within the meeting, and recording meeting minutes. Web meetings can easily become cumbersome, the complete opposite to their intention. Whilst, here at Drum, we have developed our web meeting solution to remain browser-based and intuitive, it still does not eradicate the need to have a customer assistant to hand.

A bot can take over the reins from a meeting host in terms of helping meeting attendees to enter a meeting and ensure their focus is on the agenda. Your bot can be the meeting assistant who is standing in the background ensuring everything goes to plan. Taking the notes and automatically assigning tasks and decision to members within the meeting. The personal touch returns to your web meeting through AI. Your meetings become more effective and personal. The human error becomes eradicated, but the personal touch is increased and more accurate.

Social media and the digital world allows us, as consumers, to build a relationship with organisations on a more personal level. Consumers fear a transactional approach from an organisation and refuse to be known as a number. Technology evolves, as do companies who are looking to drive customer service and increase profitability. Interacting with organisations who have the ‘human’ touch when using bots is not in the distant future. We are on the verge of experiencing a new type of business communication. The human interaction implemented by a bot throughout your day in each and every activity, from the business web meeting to the personal food shop, will be the norm.

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