UPDATED: Web meeting statistic infographic for 2016/17

As you are aware, web meetings are proving to be a more integral part of the way in which we conduct business. We look to a web meeting solution to reduce costs, increase our efficiency, time in the office and take care of our environment. The benefits of web meetings also extend into the overall efficiency of an organisation when coordinating between global offices. Lengthy flights to different continents are no longer necessary for all bar the more serious meetings. Audio combined with file sharing ensures the web meeting experience replicates the face-to-face experience.

We can continuously write about how efficient or how effective a web meeting is. But these are simply our thoughts. As such, we like to provide you with some figures we see on a regular basis on how web meetings are being used and perceived within the industry. This is an update from last years facts and figures. Please use these figures as a guidance on the current usage.

The web meeting stats of 2016-17
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