Same web meeting blog… But with a new style!

We like talking about the new happenings here at Drum. Whether that be a new member of the staff, a new feature or just some charity work we partake in. Well this week we wanted to raise your attention to the modification of our blog. As an avid reader, we understand you would have seen our website have a refresh to keep the focus on our free web meetings. The blog remained in the old style of our website to ensure our regular readers could still relate to the area where we scribble down our thoughts.

We can now bring to your attention the revamp of our blog. We have merged the style of the website and altered some aspects to increase your ease of reading. You can now read about WebRTC, Web Meetings, Conferencing and so forth without the hassle of navigating through various different tags and sub titles. In addition we have simplified your navigation to our latest content in the new clean and clear layout. However, as before, we have retained the feature to comment on posts and for you to be involved with the debates and conversations around the latest insight within the industry.

We have a comprehensive content strategy for the second half of 2016 covering some of the latest developments and some insider information on the usage of WebRTC, technological advancements and thought leaders. If you would like to feature within an article or send us your guests posts then we are always happy to hear from you. Email Laurence on

What do you think of our latest refresh of the website? We really enjoy hearing feedback from our web meeting users and our regular readers. Get involved with the comments and let us know what you think!

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