What are you considering when hosting a web meeting?

Web Meetings, and this isn’t the first time we have said this, are a phenomenon sweeping across the enterprise world. Gone are the specific use cases of where a web meeting may or may not work. It seems there are no specifics, simply web meetings have become for norm to eradicate the commute to an office for time and money savings.

With the rise of web meetings comes the new etiquette the new way of working. How do we handle these? We have some statistics for you to consider in your next meeting whether it be web based and office based.

60% – of meetings have at least one person using a web meeting to join

46% – of workers feel they spend too much time in meetings

64% – of attendees feel noise is the biggest distraction

60% – of meeting attendees feel the larger the meeting the less Productive they are

Don’t just create your meeting. Web Meetings are made most effective by the meeting host. Take your workforce into todays business requirement by embedding the Drum web meeting solution into your website or existing service

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