Enjoy limitless free instant meetings with Drum’s new website

Drum has been established as a reliable and effective web meeting solution since 2011. We combine WebRTC with HTML5 and CSS3 to provide organisations with the capability of meeting online almost instantly.

Brighton, UK, APRIL 2016

Drum is eager to announce the successful launch of our new website and new product offering. Drum soft launched the instant web meeting API early 2016. Designed to remove the traditional barriers to a web meeting. The Drum API uses browser-based functionality to embed instant web meetings inside your website or existing service.

Created with this in mind, we went about increasing the usability of the Drum website. The first step was to minimise your route to an instant meeting. We have been working with our web meeting solution to decrease the barriers to a meeting, so why not go ahead and deliver the same process on our website? The login process proved to be a significant barrier at our very basic product level with the previous website. As such, we have now stripped out the login process with a simple name and email input for instant web meeting access.

Your meetings can be created at a click of a button. With no login or sign-up you don’t need to complete a registration form. The new meeting creation means users can host free web meetings instantly, with none of the hassle. Access an instant meeting from our home page or our dedicated page meeting page. Create unlimited meetings with no limitation on instant meeting features (please note these are simply throw away meetings and do not provide the Drum meeting replay functionality).

Did you enjoy using Drum for managing your online meetings? We will be releasing our new web meeting solution shortly. With a new look and feel, you can get back to managing your meetings in one central location. Keep on the lookout for our announcement.

A reminder of Drum

Drum is a telecommunications company based in Brighton, UK. Drum utilises its in-house expertise to build browser-based communication solutions SME’s and Large organisations can rely on.

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