Share your screen in Windows 10 and El Capitan today

This weeks feature release provides our users with the improved capability of utilising screen-sharing on both Windows 10 and El Capitan. Users can now share their screen across all major platforms with a small download (the only download required within Drum Web Meetings).

Screen-sharing is part of our ‘see what I see’ functionality for the web meeting host and presenter. Sharing your screen is available on all desktops with a small download. You can choose to share any part of your screen with a draggable black frame. The box can be made as big or as small as you require.

Drum web meetings allow your to share your screen within the meeting

To start sharing your screen, simply click ‘share screen’ and wait for the pop up notification (for first time users) prompting you to download a small piece of software. Download the application and run the installation. An additional pop up window will appear within Drum with the option to click ‘installed’. Once the application has been installed, click the ‘installed’ button. Drum will then initiate screen-sharing.

Drum provides you with a black frame you can resize to share any part of your screen.

Once initiated, you will be presented with a black outlined box demonstrating the area you are currently sharing within the meeting.

The example demonstrates the host sharing the meeting area. However, the presenter can share any part of their screen whether it be a presentation on keynote or a browser tab. Common uses include:

  • Displaying spreadsheets
  • Remote support
  • Product demonstration

How will you benefit from screen-sharing?

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