Drum Web Meetings feature release – upgrade your audio to video with a click of a button

Drum has this week released a new feature. We wanted to tell you about how this can help you make the most out of Drum. Hosts and attendees can now upgrade their audio call to include video without disconnecting the audio. Previously, users would have been required to join with video with no options to change this once the connection had been made (without disconnecting).

Drum’s communication channels are now more flexible providing you with the freedom to begin with an audio only conversation and then upgrading this to video as the conversation escalates. You can upgrade your audio conversation to a video conversation by clicking on the ‘more button’ on the top right of your meeting.

Upgrade your audio to video with Drum Web Meetings

The new functionality will help meetings be more effective. Users who only join with audio can still communicate within the meeting as normal. Active speaker functionality remains within the meeting where your video view will present the video feed of the active speaker. Not only does this help the meeting bandwidth but also ensures meeting attendees are focused on the presenter at the time.

We want to hear your feedback! Please send any comments or feature ideas to us here at Drum. Simply ping an email over to the team on info@thisisdrum.com.

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