A consultant receives their dedicated virtual meeting room with ShareAnywhere

Consultants are always in high demand for their thorough knowledge and understanding of specialist areas. In this scenario we explore Tsahi Levent-Levi, the go to guy for all things WebRTC and browser-based communication, and explore how an embeddable web meeting can help consultants meet their clients instantly inside their branded experience. Tsahi is currently using ShareAnywhere to host his monthly virtual coffee meetings to discuss key topics and the latest within the WebRTC world. We decided this would be the best use case of ShareAnywhere to finish off 2015 where we can see ShareAnywhere operating in a true environment.

Bloggeek by Tsahi

“I’ve always wanted to dogfood. I have been assisting companies for the past two years with their WebRTC strategy, but the only WebRTC thing that I did myself was conduct online meetings with them. What I really wanted, is to see firsthand what it means to embed WebRTC into my own business. (here is a screenshot the dashboard area for Tsahi’s meetings).”

Virtual coffee dashboard

“Talking to the Drum team got me thinking of running a monthly online meeting for my customers. Since I already had a members portal for them, it was only natural to embed a web meetings solution in that portal to serve these meetings. With the assistance of the Drum team, I was up and running in no time with ShareAnywhere embedded and working as my “Virtual Coffee with Tsahi” sessions – my customers would sign in to the membership portal the same way they do for other things, and there, they would go to a special web page that hosted the monthly meeting. The meetings get recorded for those who miss them and end up creating an archive full of added value for my customers and my business. (here is a screenshot of Tsahi’s meetings embedded inside his branded experience).”

Presentation in action with Tsahi Virtual Coffee

We have heard from Tsahi and understood the driving force behind embedding a web meeting solution for his virtual coffees. You can find out more about Tsahi’s virtual coffees right over at Bloggeek.me.

However, which features of ShareAnywhere are the most useful for consultants?

  • The Branded experience – No secondary branded experiences and no third party URL’s. Meetings remain within your recognisable branded experience.
  • One on one or one to many – ShareAnywhere allows you, as the consultant, to meet with one or many clients at any given time. You decide who receives the unique meeting URL and who join the meeting from the waiting room.
  • Recorded meeting – Every meeting is recorded in real-time with visual and audio. The consultant can use the meeting recording, similar to Tsahi’s virtual coffees, as shareable content with attendees who were unable to make the original meeting. Alternatively, consultations can be sold to additional members at a later stage
  • Present and collaborate – Present documents into the meeting and collaborate in real-time with a selection of browser-based tools. Discuss key changes and recommendations on documents.
  • Two routes to audio – ShareAnywhere provides two routes to the meeting audio. WebRTC and dial-in ensures meeting participants are not restricted in their methods of joining the meeting audio. WebRTC is the preferred method to the meeting with its ‘click to call’ functionality.

It is more important for independent consultants to drive their own personal brand and drive their personal recognition. Embedded inside Tsahi’s existing brand, bloggeek, reinforced his brand to his website visitors and clients. With the features required to ensure his meetings remained effective whilst ensuring ease of use. Virtual coffees are a continued success where we continue to learn with Tsahi about the technology capabilities.

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