Are embedded Web Meetings set to revolutionise CRM systems?

CRM software consolidates customer information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can more easily access and manage it. We all use CRM systems in our day jobs to manage our database and collaborate with colleagues. Here are a few stats thanks to the guys over at Capterra.

Some CRM statistics from Capterra

The business use for CRM tools is growing in importance. Understanding our business development and leads has become paramount to company success and growth. CRM systems provide us with that one central location for lead management. Yet, to collaborate on these we need to visit third party URL’s. Shifting us away from a single sign-in and into a world where we need to sign into different portals to collaborate. More often than not, we forget our login credentials, get in a state of frustration and ultimately abandon the idea of meeting online.

But wait… What if you could just meet directly within your CRM system? No downloads? No additional logins?

There are two solutions for this ever increasing dilemma. Firstly, you can scout around to find a solution which provides you with the meeting capability organically built into the CRM or purchase a plug-in/add-on from your existing CRM solution (to provide you with instant meetings). The second option is increasingly likely, especially with ShareAnywhere. Market places have become an increasingly popular method for SaaS products where API’s can be called directly within the solution with any extensive time or effort. But why would an integrated meeting be of benefit to CRM users?

No need to remember additional sign in credentials or suffer from the hassle of signing into various solutions. Users simply use the one login process to access the CRM system and utilise the embedded web meeting functionality. Limiting the deterrents and increasing ease of use will improve both the collaboration on leads but also the effectiveness of managing leads.

All of your meeting notes, on each lead, remain within one central location. There is no requirements to use alternative software and having to marry the two up together manually. Teams can meet instantly inside the CRM with ShareAnywhere to discuss lead information. With no third party applications or additional URL’s colleagues can meet within the CRM system instantly. Colleagues can simply invite colleagues directly into a meeting or a voice call at a click of a button.

Stored meetings expand on the lead notes. All of your meetings can be stored within your CRM under the appropriate lead for ease of access and relevance. With a meeting replay URL, each of your colleagues (who have access to the lead) can play back the meeting in real-time. Acting as a summary of the meeting and notes, your colleagues can easily inherit and pass on leads.

The overall benefits of embedding web meetings into your CRM system are two-fold:

  • Lead management improvement
  • Improvement in employee effectiveness

Embedding a web meeting solution, similar to ShareAnywhere, will provide you with the added functionality for your CRM users. However, embedding such a solution provides you with much more benefit than just a web meeting solution. Procedures can become streamlined internally and employee efficiency can increase with reduced steps and ease of access to a vital tool for employees to collaborate. Apart from a web meeting, what other tools increase the efficiency of your CRM system and its users?

The statistics from Capterra:

  • 47% of all companies use CRM software
  • The CRM industry is set to be worth in excess of $36.5 billion
  • CRM tools are set to be the #1 enterprise growth software
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