Generation Z, your customers and colleagues, demand instant communication. So why not provide a web meeting solution providing instant communication and collaboration channels?

Web Meetings are becoming an ever increasing part of our professional lives. Wainhouse reports the web conferencing industry is worth approximately $3.277m worldwide and has grown by approximately 2%. This continued growth and value of the market demonstrates the dependence on a web meeting solution to replace the traditional face to face meeting. We are open to using what seems an increasingly large number of web meeting providers, whether they are a third party desktop software or an app downloaded on our phone.

There is a new wave of web meetings arriving, download free instant meetings for all users. WebRTC provided the first step to making browser-based communications a reality. At a click of a button, internet users can have a free voice call with another internet user instantly. Building upon this, companies (including Drum and their ShareAnywhere solution) have created a web meeting solution to extend their instant communication capabilities to match the expectancy driven from WebRTC, instant download free communication.

But, why should your meeting be instant, browser-based and download free?

Meeting the needs of the new workforce with instant web meetings

Would you like to meet your team now? Sure! Create a meeting and simply share the meeting URL. No commute, no sign-up and no guest registry. Meetings truly become a real-time experience. Why stroll to your colleagues desk when you can simply send a meeting URL and share your screen or collaborate on documents in real-time. No need to schedule and no need to worry about attendees gaining access to the meeting.

Went to join a meeting to be on time but then you see the requirement to download new software? Became disillusioned with web meetings? The cure is browser-based online meetings with no downloads or system requirements. Meeting attendees will enter meetings instantly at the allotted time. With this in mind, meeting attendance rates will increase with all attendees feeling slightly less frustrated when entering the meeting room. No expensive conferencing dial-in or large fees for product licences. Reduced costs for commuting and increased time within the office. Web Meetings on a whole provide a far more financially viable solution to face-to-face meetings. However, the scepticism of the effectiveness of an online meeting can be eradicated with a solution free of downloads.

Web meetings are effectively useful for clients meting.You sourced your lead, convinced the lead to meet online, every communication up until this point has been under your control and your brand… But now it’s time to risk sending your lead to a third party application within a separate brand. Not only does a third party application take your meeting into an alternative branded experience and placing the meeting maintenance in the hands of an external company. Instantly, you surrender the control of the meeting reliability and trust a company who is also serving thousands of other customers at the same time to ensure your meeting is functioning without fault..

Real-time meetings are becoming something of the here and now rather than the future of communications. Meeting applications requiring downloads will soon become something of the past. The demand to have information at our fingertips generates the same demand for our applications.

Generation Z, an ever increasing influence on society, demand to have access to everything everywhere across multiple devices at any given time. In addition, they find it easier to talk with colleagues online than in person. Using popular methods such as email are quickly becoming outdated. Slow and laborious methods of communication is no longer seen as instant communication, web meeting solutions requiring software downloads also fits this mould. WebRTC with HTML provides Generation Z with their lust for an instant method of communication.

Why should we meet the needs of Generation Z?

The business insider suggests as much as 72% of Generation Z are expecting to start their own business. It is not financially viable to neglect such a large quantity of Generation Z looking to go solo with their careers who will inevitably need a communication solution. Interestingly, web meetings provide a green way of meeting colleagues online preventing the pollution created which would traditionally be generated when commuting. Nearly a quarter of Generation Z suggested they would prefer to work for an ethical organisation. We covered how a web meeting can be a green alternative and the benefits of doing so.

With Generation Z in mind, how would you want your communications to evolve? It may seem at this moment in time our workforce is not dominated by Generation Z, however the workforce is changing and gradually evolving into a workforce consisting of Generation Z. As always, business evolves as does society. Consider moving your communications to the ever increasing need for instant communication from your colleagues and employees or risk picking up the slack and chasing innovation.

Here is a little more information on Generation Z:

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