You don’t take risks when making online purchases, why would you not use secure web meetings to protect your online meeting space?

Apart from our identify, our financial information is one of our main priorities to protect online. Online fraud is something we are all wary of and take the utmost care when completing online banking or making an online purchase. It is reported by Experian that one in six adults fall victim to cybercrime. The NY Times reported earlier this year about a group of hackers. It is reported this group of hackers have achieve their goals through the use of Malware acquiring in excess of $300m.

These staggering figures only drives us, as consumers, to take further care and be more resilient to placing our financial information into the web. Whilst reports vary, the middle figure for the cost of online fraud is approximately £479m. Understandably, no consumer wants to suffer from online fraud.

Secure web meetings with Drum

We use card readers and verified by visa to ensure we secure our information, yet we discuss confidential information and complete transactions through third party web meeting solutions. These solutions require a download to work. Malware, a main method of online fraud, sits within downloadable software and sits within your computer. Whilst we are not saying every third party party web meeting application contains malware, but why take that risk? Keep your meeting within the browser with no access for malware and the implementation of the most secure VoIP currently available.

Each secure web meeting is provided with its own unique URL within your domain. There are no alternative entrance routes or access points for unwelcome meeting attendees. This unique meeting URL is different for every meeting.

No trespassers, the meeting host has full control over who enters your secure web meetings area. The two security settings; waiting room and lock functionality provides the meeting host with the utmost security. Has the host accidentally invited an unwanted guest? The ‘evict’ functionality removes the desired meeting attendees from the meeting.

No hacks and no line disruptions. A dedicated encrypted audio connection ensures your line is secure and only accessible by your audio connected meeting attendees. Discuss in confidence confidential information and ensure there are no unexpected listeners. Exchanging information through audio provides the users with the chance instantly communicate information without record of the information within the meeting.

No access from third party applications. As mentioned above, malware enters your computer system through downloaded software. Whilst, we would not say all third party software contains malware, why would you take the unnecessary risk if it can be avoided? With no downloads, ShareAnywhere eradicates the minor possibility of malware entering your computer.

Security is something we want in every aspect of our lives, more so within the financial aspect of our lives. Take this security into your web meetings and hold your meetings with the confidence knowing you are using the most secure meeting solution with instant access.

With more aspects of our lives moving online comes convenience and access to information at all times, this is great. But this brings additional risks and vulnerability to our private and personal information. The hype of new online technology draws us onto the online experience without considering the potential security issues. The digital world records all of our information in a public area. Passwords and login credentials help keep our information secure. Meetings can no longer just be a web meeting, they need to be secure web meetings.

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