Real-time communication for digital retailers to prevent cart abandonment

We have all been through the process of purchasing an item of clothing online only to realise they don’t have our size in stock or there is a substantial fee to have the item delivered. We have been in that situation many a time, however recently I went to complete an expensive purchase (a home cinema system) with a popular online retailer. I arrived to my basket to complete the purchase, but I had grown some doubts over completing the transaction. How can I be sure this will be compatible with my current TV? What are the financial implications of returning the product?

Because of these doubts, I abandoned my purchase. Industry specialists suggest as much as 3 in 4 shopping baskets are abandoned online. There are various reasons for people abandoning their cart, some of which can not be helped, such as the shopper who solely wants to understand the overall cost of their shopping. These shoppers are not going to purchase at that stage but may be purchasers in the future.

What can a web meeting do for online retailers do to ensure their cart abandonment is reduced?

Communication to help prevent cart abandonment

Whilst there are a handful of marketing tasks to help with cart abandonment, we wanted to focus on the communications side of the purchase. Communication is paramount within our daily lives and any transaction we complete. These are the core aspects which would have helped my complete my purchase.

Whilst there are a handful of marketing tasks to help with cart abandonment, we wanted to focus on the communications side of the purchase. Interacting with your e-customer in real-time to drive customer satisfaction and revenue.

We will always have questions about a product or process of purchasing the product. Whilst websites have aligned to have a uniform approach, experiences can vary affecting the user experience and purchasing behaviour. Customer distortion can be easily corrected with an online customer assistant.

Your trouser size doesn’t appear on the site? Will a Samsung TV be compatible with an LG home theatre system? These types of questions stalled my personal shopping experience, ultimately leading to be abandoning my purchase. Whilst retailers provide product information, there is regularly extensive amounts of information and us as users no longer have the time to read the finer details. Retailers may be reluctant to provide an additional service which could be deemed as doubling up. However, customers are requiring quicker and more efficient methods to acquire the right information. Real-time communication is the next logical step in providing this.

Beyond my concern about compatibility, I would have been required to rationalise the cost of delivery. Without the access to a discount code or a promotion this traditionally spikes the price of online purchases. Does the convenience truly outweigh the cost of delivering the product to my front door? Sometimes, it just isn’t worth it. What would have happened if I could have asked a sales assistant about the price of delivery? Whilst it should not be expected, it might have been possible to waiver the price of delivery to ensure I complete my purchase. As such, cart abandonment can be avoided with the use of a web meeting inside the website to connect me with the sales consultant.

Away from my transaction with the home theatre, I have many a time struggled to complete my purchase with other digital retailers. The reason for this being the restriction on payment options. Either I don’t have access to the required purchasing method or there is an additional fee for using my desired payment method. The transaction process is far from flexible and simply tells me it is not possible. How can I complete my purchase? Who do I turn to for help? I don’t have any interest in sending an email and waiting for a response within the next 7 days. You guessed it, real-time communication in a web meeting would have provided me with a solution.

Bundle these issues together and we discover one common denominator for the root cause of these issues. The customer did not have a sales assistant to discuss these issues with. Each hurdle can and will cause your customer to abandon their basket. Real-time communications embedded into your website provides your customers with the capability to instantly discuss their concerns. Whilst some concerns can not be resolved, a large quantity of can. An embeddable web meeting solution such as Drum’s ShareAnywhere has the capability of providing your sales assistants at the fingertips of your customers.

Cart abandonment stats:

  • 57% didn’t want to pay shipping costs
  • 48% felt the cost of the purchase was more than expected
  • 41% simply used the shopping cart for research – perhaps to determine shipping costs
  • 27% wanted a discount coupon
  • 24% sought more payment options
  • 22% were unable to find contact information and felt the website was less credible as a result
  • 19% didn’t want to wait for the purchase to be shipped and purchased offline instead
  • 15% felt checkout process was too complicated
  • 12% reported a variety of other reasons
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