The learning environment will be online with real-time communication

Education is changing and has done over the past 20 years. Technology has made information instantly accessible. Google has utilised the internet to provide each user with their own database of tailored information. With this came the rise of the YouTube generation. We can learn how to overcome almost any hurdle with the help of the online video streaming service. Whilst this has developed the learning environment online, there is still room for improvement and to shift the educational experience into a real-time environment. How can the e-learning environment become a real-time experience?

ShareAnywhere helping e learning

Learning location becomes eradicated
Traditional learning is held face-to-face within a classroom. Students usually choose their education based on location, whilst it is common to attend a university in a different county (to your home town), with reasons for relocation varying. E-learning ensures students are only required to relocate if they prefer to rather than as a necessity to attend the university or college of their choice. It is not always financially viable for students to relocate.

No commute necessary
As the central location of the lecture is eradicated so is the need to commute. Not only does this make learning more affordable but also ensures students have a far improved chance of attending the lecture on time. The learning environment will continue to become available to students who traditionally could not afford to attend university or college due to the timing of lectures or the cost of commuting.

Immediate feedback
Feedback can be immediate in the same method of providing feedback within the classroom. Students can ask questions, propose ideas and even upload documents into the meeting area and present these to the classroom. The lecturer, as well as the students, can comment and advise appropriately. The immediate feedback ensures the student can take these outcomes away from the classroom and act instantly. Rather than waiting for an email response or returning home.

Lecture notes become a thing of the past
Taking notes can be time consuming and often distract students from the learning lecture. The e-learning environment has the capability of recording the entire meeting. In addition, the recorded meeting provides students with the lecture notes on the main areas of interest. The lecture can be delivered to additional students who were unable to attend the initial lecture. One on one tutorships can also benefit from the meeting recording when reselling the lesson to additional students at any stage in the future.

E-learning comes with a host of benefits from the traditional classroom learning environment. Introduce the experience of speaking with the teacher face-to-face and e-learning becomes an increasingly desirable method of learning. Saving both time and money, e-learning will soon become the preferred method. However, students and teachers will be required to use the correct technology, such as Drum’s ShareAnywhere, to ensure e-lectures are effective and not a hindrance to learning and course deliverance.

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