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We have all been there, felt ill and woozy. The journey to your local GP isn’t as easy as visiting your local supermarket. More often than not, we tend to take matters into our own hands and discover the cause of the pain by searching on Google. From this, we usually discover it could be a host of possibilities from a minor bug right through to something a little more serious. Your body starts going into panic, thinking the worst of your illness. The phone dials to your GP, you book an appointment and visit them that day to be told there is nothing to worry about and it is just a common cold.

Web meetings in the healthcare industry

ShareAnywhere will prevent this from happening. No longer will you be required to misdiagnose yourself due to the lack of access to your GP. Doctors will no longer book appointments into the surgery for patients who could have easily visited their local chemist.

Here are the three core features of ShareAnywhere Web Meetings to aid the healthcare industry.

Instant video
The first of which, the most vital feature for the healthcare industry, is the video functionality. Providing a lifelike environment for the patient, the GP can directly communicate with the patient, building a rapport. The video stream within the meeting provides the GP with the capability to visually inspect the patient in greater detail.

Recorded meetings
All meetings can be recorded (with the permission of the patient) with each action being noted with its unique timestamp. The recorded meeting can be stored on the patient’s profile for future reference. The medical history is recorded in real-time. Patient notes can be used as a reference point for future appointments or if an alternative GP was to treat the patient.

Live chat
The meeting timeline stores the meeting actions as well as the chat history within the meeting. The chat functionality allows the GP and patient to record their conversation via text rather than audio. Whilst offering an alternative communication method.

More importantly, ShareAnywhere allows you to agree on decisions within the meeting area. This can be used to agree on the types of medication to use and how to use them. The ‘decision’ option ensures the required information is noted for quick reference at the end of the meeting.

BONUS – file sharing
Sharing files of previous medications can help your GP make a judgement on a returning illness. Share required files into the meeting to increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Whilst ShareAnywhere has a host of features beneficial to the healthcare industry, these three features (plus the bonus) provide both the GP and the patient with the most benefit. Remember, ShareAnywhere can be embedded into your website or desired portal to meet patients instantly.

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