Why use a Web Meeting with ShareAnywhere?

ShareAnywhere comes with a host of features, meeting a variety of use cases. But why should you use ShareAnywhere? What type of environments is ShareAnywhere suitable for? Whilst we strive to meet the requirements of each user, ShareAnywhere Web Meetings is best suited to a set of use cases.

Web Meetings for a variety of use cases

A brief overview of our use cases is featured on our website. However, we want to explain each use case in more detail to help you decide whether you can benefit from ShareAnywhere embedded into your existing service.

How will you benefit from Drum’s ShareAnywhere Web Meeting solution?

We will be covering the core web meeting use cases over the coming six weeks right here on the Drum blog. The use cases we will cover include:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Web Meeting tool

We will be cross referencing the meeting features available within ShareAnywhere with each use case to evaluate how each meeting feature can be utilised. Please visit our recent post Drum’s ShareAnywhere Web Meetings | Feature overview to gain an in-depth view of each web meeting feature available within ShareAnywhere.

Have we missed your use case? Then why not contact us to let us know!

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