Drum’s ShareAnywhere Web Meetings | Feature overview

We have been discussing each feature within ShareAnywhere Web Meetings over the past 12 weeks. Having discussed each major feature we wanted to provide you with an overview of ShareAnywhere’s major features.

An overview of ShareAnywhere features

When combining each feature, ShareAnywhere provides a comprehensive alternative to face-to-face meetings. The selection of features replicates the face-to-face meeting into an online environment. From creating the meeting right through to replaying the meeting, Drum makes meetings effortless with no downloads or system requirements.   Here is the overview of the features built into Drum’s ShareAnywhere:

  • Creating a meeting at a click of a button
  • Joining a meeting with a unique URL
  • Waiting room functionality
  • Web audio and video (WebRTC)
  • File upload and collaboration tools
  • Sharing your screen
  • Live chat, decision making and task assignment
  • Meeting replay in real-time

We covered each of these main features in more detail over the past 12 weeks. These posts can be found here if you are looking to understand how best to use each feature:

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