The meeting replay places meeting attendees within the meeting environment in real-time once the meeting has been completed

You have created the meeting, invited your guests, completed the meeting and arranged your meeting minutes. However, your colleagues who missed the first meeting are required to re-live the meeting in real-time. It is illogical to ask each meeting attendee to re-attend the meeting with the same agendas. This potential hurdle is handled automatically by Drum’s ShareAnywhere Web Meeting replay. Each and every meeting is instantly recorded from the offset including meeting audio, meeting video and each meeting action.

Drum's meeting replay with ShareAnywhere web meeting solution

We previously spoke about meeting minutes (Benefit from hassle free instant meeting minutes) and how these can be used but can come at a significant cost. Taking meeting minutes is a costly process in terms of time and money. As mentioned last week, these minutes can often come with their own set of hurdles with the precision of the notes varying. The ShareAnywhere meeting timeline changes the meeting minutes process. The meeting replay is set to extend this beyond the need of the meeting minutes and into the possibility of meeting attendees reliving each meeting in real-time.

When is meeting replay at its most effective?

  • Re-using webinars
  • Re-living a meeting
  • Re-selling an educational session

Replaying a meeting is designed to be an effortless process. The replay functionality is only available once the meeting has been concluded. A new button appears to the left of ‘resume meeting’.

The replay button in Drum ShareAnywhere Web Meeting

Upon clicking the button, you will be presented with an alternative view of the meeting. You will notice you can no longer comment into the meeting or complete actions. The view is purely for viewing the web meeting in real-time.

The replay view in Drum's ShareAnywhere web meeting

However, all viewers have the capability of skipping elements of the meeting or rewinding the meeting to re-live part of the meeting more than once. These buttons are allocated at the bottom of the screen.

The meeting replay functionality empowers users to benefit from the ShareAnywhere web meeting experience. Share your meeting for additional users to benefit from your knowledge and meeting outcomes.

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