Benefit from hassle free instant meeting minutes

A meeting timeline records every action within the meeting to accompany the meeting audio. Each action, whether it be sending a message or uploading a document, is stored with Drum’s ShareAnywhere meeting timeline. Meeting minutes can rapidly become a thing of the past.

Web Meeting timeline with Drum's ShareAnywhere

We have all experienced taking minutes within a meeting and the stress that comes with ensuring you have noted everything mentioned. Followed by having to answer questions such as:

When will the minutes be sent round?
Can you make sure the minutes are sent to my personal email?
Can you only send me the minutes from Discussion A?
Are you sure we agreed on X and it wasn’t Y?
I think you have missed some notes

Before you are aware, what was suppose to be a simple task of taking minutes has evolved into a day’s project. Not only does this conflict with your current tasks but also places further stress on you to have precise meeting minutes.

This is where Drum’s ShareAnywhere not only makes it more convenient for the meeting host/attendees but also more cost effective. The meeting timeline records every action within the meeting and meeting audio. Whilst this may not directly replace the need to take meeting minutes, a complete recording of the meeting removes the stress on each talking point within the meeting being recorded. Whilst reducing the amount of time required for a colleague to complete the meeting minutes.

Web Meeting over with ShareAnywhere

The timeline can be viewed to the right hand side within the ShareAnywhere Web Meeting. Each action is noted with the timestamp for quick and simplistic referencing. In addition, the action is identified with a unique icon (i.e. an eye for presenting a document) and the attendees name who completed the action to ensure the action can be easily identifiable.

Drum's ShareAnywhere Web Meeting timeline

The meeting timeline has the capability of toggling on/off five different types of meeting actions.

  • Meeting info
  • Comments
  • Task assignment
  • Decision made
  • Files uploaded
ShareAnywhere web meeting actions

As many or as little of these can be selected at any given time. Toggling allows you to streamline your meeting search for key aspects within the meeting. Continue to improve the minutes taken with the streamlining available within Drum combined with the meeting audio recording. Deliver precise and engaging meeting minutes with Drum’s ShareAnywhere and recorded audio snippets.

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