What happens 60 minutes before a face-to-face meeting?

Meetings are a part of our every day life. Meetings come with various degree of importance and requirements. Yet, the process of attending a meeting never gets any easier. Each time we are faced with various obstacles designed to disrupt our journey to the meeting. For those who benefit from web meetings, here is what happens in those sixty minutes build up to a typical face-to-face meeting utilising public transport.

What happens 60 minutes before a face-to-face meeting?

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Starting the commute
This is it. You have done all of your preparation for the meeting of the week. Your suit has been dry cleaned, you have arranged your travel plans, and you have completed all of the necessary tasks to cover your time away form the desk. Additional preparation is simply not necessary. Your leave the office and begin your commute to the meeting with your tablet and smart phone with a backup of your presentation documents necessary for the meeting.

Delays on commute
You have experienced several delays and missed your connecting train. The delay has more of an affect than simply delaying your journey. Your body has built up substantial heat when running for your train whilst spilling your coffee on your shoes.

Phone battery begins to die
It has the directions to the meeting. You took a screenshot of the location to ensure you had access. Sitting on a different train you were originally booked on, you attempt to take a picture of your smartphone with your tablet. This not only provides you with a difficult scenario for the present but for the remainder of the day.

Arrive on location
You have arrived, you won your battle against public transport, you won your war against technology and managed to arrive without nothing more than some coffee on your shoes. You are proud, you have made it to the building early and ready for the meeting. You go to sign in… but wait… is this the correct building? The receptionist gives you the news you did not want to hear. Sure, you are in the correct location, but you are some way from the correct building.

Finding the correct room
The issue you thought you wouldn’t need to tackle. Finding the room will be a challenge of taking second guesses and asking a passerby for directions. Your stress levels begin to raise… you don’t want to be late. You take a wrong turn amongst the rush. This has become far more than just finding your room but your personal challenge to succeed.

Enter the meeting late
Despite allowing an additional 15 minutes for your journey and your best efforts to arrive on time, you arrive in the right location 7 minutes late to attend the meeting. The all important meeting which could easily have been handled online. You are hot and flustered, frustrated at the hurdles you needed to overcome in order to arrive. Nevertheless, you crack on with the meeting having drunk a can of coke which will see you through the next 60 minutes or so.

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